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DHS presents academic awards

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DHS presents academic awards

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Dalhart High School held its annual Awards Assembly on Thursday May 4 in the high school auditorium. Students received awards for individual classes and for achievements throughout their high school careers, and were also presented with certificates for achievements in various academic contests.

Dalhart High principal Scot Wright welcomed everyone to the ceremony, mentioning that the baseball team was playing in the playoffs at the same time after Dalhart lost a coin toss to Shallowater. Tami Moore and Coury Tucker then presented the RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Award) to Peyton Miller, Janae Jones-Ivery, Jaron Schriber and Joel Lopes.

U.S. Marine Corps Sergeant Marc Sanchez presented the U.S. Marine Corps awards. The Scholastic Excellence Award went to Erin McDaniel, the Distinguished Athlete Awards were presented to Zeek Van Beek and Jadyn Trusler, and the Musical Excellence Award went to Stephanie Hinojosa.

Tanya Pedraza and Araseli Varela presented some awards from Frank Phillips College. Several students received awards for completing at least 15 hours at Frank Phillips with a GPA of 3.5 or higher. These students were Addi Anderson, Avery Baca, Christina Barrow, Emily Hall, Katelynn Hickey, Katelyn Lenz, Cole Kemp, Maddy Stady, John Taylor, Molly Ritchey and Catherine Walker.

Seven seniors received an award for maintaining a 4.0 GPA at Frank Phillips. They included Kirsten Bezner, Joseph Gaines, Erin McDaniel, Zoe Meeks, Jadyn Trusler, Jack Vermedahl and Reese Wieck.

Several seniors actually graduated from Frank Phillips with an Associate’s degree. They included Addi Anderson, Christina Barrow, Areli Delgado, Joseph Gaines, Ariana Gonzalez, Katelynn Hickey, Haylee Jones, Evangelene Lucas, Erin McDaniel, Jasmine Quiroz, Maddy Stady and Ana Gabriela Varela.

Several other special awards were presented at different times during the ceremony. Laura Portillo-Amaya presented awards to the student council officers. Joseph Gaines was president, Areli Delgado was vice president, Kirsten Bezner was secretary, Addison Bowers was treasurer, Reese Wieck was parliamentarian, and Emily Hall was historian. The American History Award (formerly the American Woodsman Award) was presented to Gracie Schniederjan by David Hutchison.

Four-Year Awards were given in several different subjects, with those students receiving plaques. The Four-Year Art Award was given to Emmitt Ritter, and Katelyn Lenz received the Four-Year English Award. The Four-Year Social Studies Award was presented to Reese Wieck. The Four-Year Spanish Award was given to Jennifer Montes, and the Four-Year Science Award went to Cole Kemp. Jadyn Trusler received the Four-Year Math Award.

The UIL Scholars awards were presented to those students in the top 10% of the senior class. These awards were given to Erin McDaniel, Kirsten Bezner, Jadyn Trusler, Zoe Meeks, Reese Wieck, Jack Vermedahl, Addi Anderson, Joseph Gaines, Emily Hall and Maddy Stady.

The top five seniors were given extra recognition. McDaniel received a plaque and a blanket as the top senior, as well as a plaque for being Valedictorian, and Bezner received a blanket for being in the top five seniors and also received a plaque for being Salutatorian. Blankets were also presented to Trusler, Meeks and Wieck for being among the top five seniors.

The student with the highest GPA in each of the lower classes was presented a plaque. Hailey Nolt was named Top Freshman, Emily Gaines was named Top Sophomore, and Jolie Bowers was named Top Junior.

Seven students were recognized for deciding to serve the nation in the military following high school, with each of the five traditional branches of the military receiving at least one recruit (the U.S. Space Force is now the sixth branch of the military.) Dezera LaFave and Sarah Hey are joining the Navy, Peyton Maxwell and Evangelene Lucas are joining the Army, Kason Holt is joining the Marines, Gatlin McGaugh is entering the Coast Guard, and Carson Ingram is joining the Air Force.

A large number of students also received awards for individual classes and for UIL academics and USA Skills. (Not all of the teachers were actually present due to the baseball games or other reasons, but since they were the ones who chose the recipients, their names are still listed.)

Chris Bird gave the Art I awards to Avi Day, Melody Trujillo and Marleth Zepeda, the Art II award to Gracie Schniederjan, and the Art III award to Deakon Qualls.

Misty Bornemeier presented the English IV award to Emily Reynolds, the English IV Dual- Credit award to Kirsten Bezner, the English IV Dual-Credit Literature award to Zoe Meeks, and the English III Dual- Credit award to Gracie Schniederjan. Jennifer Bowers presented these awards: Spanish I (nonnative speaking)-Havenn Seaton, and Span

Bowers also gave out certificates for UIL academics events. Shelly Solis placed fourth in Feature Writing and fifth in Headline Writing. Jovanie Cruces placed fourth in News Writing and Taelor Ingram placed fifth, and Jolie Bowers placed sixth in Copy Editing.

Jaida Brown presented the Biology award to Kendall Lockhart, the Forensic Science award to Jadyn Trusler, and the Chemistry award to Karol Garcia. Brown presented the following certificates for these Skills USA teams and individuals for advancing to state: McKinlee Gordon-fifth place in Medical Terminology and first place in Medical Math; Joseline Alvarez and Vianney Rodriguezreceived an Excellence Ribbon for Criminal Justice Display Panel; Brissa Salinas and Julissa Orrantia- received an Excellence Ribbon for Criminal Justice Display Panel; Keylee Bradford and Brielee Gallegosreceived an Excellence Ribbon for Criminal Justice Display Panel; Keylee Bradford, Brielee Gallegos and Julissa Orrantia-Promotional Bulletin Board second place; Haylee Jones-third place in First Aid/CPR and Silver Medal in First Aid/CPR Technical Test; Brissa Salinas-Bronze Medal in Customer Service Technical Test; and Leilany Ortiz and Nalexy Wolfe-Crime Scene Investigation Technical Test.

Brown also presented certificates for students in UIL academic contests. Janae Jones- Ivery placed second in Poetry at district, McKinlee Gordon place sixth in Prose, and Lili Orozco placed sixth in Informative Speaking.

Dakota Carranza gave out these awards: Computer Science-Ethan Bohr; Principles of Information Technology- Brian Gonzalez; Dual- Credit Psychology- Erik Frantz; Computer Technology Practicum- Kade Crosby; Yearbook- Elexia Dominguez and Anna Son; and the Chief Editor Award to Jolie Bowers.

Carranza also presented certificates for these Skills USA individuals for advancing to state: Meadow Hurd in Photography and Andrea Marquez, who received a White Ribbon at State. He also gave certificates for UIL academics contests. Dante Delgado placed fourth and Nelson Flores placed fifth at district in Computer Applications; Alexander Esquivel placed fifth and Kade Crosby placed sixth in Computer Science, and the team of Esquivel, Crosby, Alex Penton and Conner Watson placed second.

April Carson gave the Geometry award to Bryan Renteria and Emily Reynolds and the Pre-AP Geometry award to Emily Gaines. Anthony Catherall presented World Geography awards to Avi Day and Havenn Seaton.

Stephanie Ellis presented these awards: Culinary Arts-Lauren Welch, Advanced Culinary Arts-Oscar Dominguez, and Introduction to Culinary Arts-Peyton Miller.

Ellis also presented the following certificates for these Skills USA teams: Commercial Baking 3-5 Tier Cake-Vianney Rodriguez and Joseline Alvarez; Commercial Baking1-2 Tier Cake- Kadance DeMots; Technical Test-Joseline Alvarez, Vianney Rodriguez and Kadance DeMots. Ellis also presented certificates to the Culinary Arts students who participated in the cooking competition at Walt Disney World. Those students included Kadance DeMots, Emily Reynolds, Reese Wieck, Kassie Welch, Jennifer Montes, Chaleighia Pedraza, Alfred Rodriguez, Canton Forry, Ayush Sukha, Sherlynn Herrera, Nayeli Hernandez, Jolie Bowers, Joseline Alvarez, Vianney Rodriguez, Corbin Carnesecca, Aiden Marquez, Erik Frantz and Oscar Dominguez.

Connor Fuentes gave a P.E. award to Justin Branham. Abbey Garcia presented the CNA Practicum award to Mireya Gonzalez, Principles of Health Science awards to Victoria Terrazas and Hailey Nolt, Health Science Theory awards to Ashley Veliz and Kate Vermedahl, and presented pins for completing CNA certification to Avery Baca, Addison Bowers, Jasmine Bustillos, Lexi Garcia, Mireya Gonzalez, Karlee Johnson and Emery Pfannstiel.

Natalie Garcia presented the English III award to K’Anah Pollock and the Pre-AP English III award to Jolie Bowers. Nicole Guidry presented the following awards: Accounting I-Olivia Peavey, Rodolfo Barron and Cole Kelso; Accounting II-Cole Kemp; Money Matters- Hunter Trusler and Corah Reese; and Financial Math-Savannah Ball and Cole Kelso.

I.J. Hinojos presented World History awards to Emily Gaines, Karol Garcia, Ashley Veliz and Lauren Welch. Andrew Hokanson presented Principles of Ag awards to Brandis Beavers, Elli Bezner, Hailey Nolt and Maggie Meeks; Advanced Floral award to Kirsten Bezner; and Advanced Animal/Plant Science Dual-Credit award to Zoe Meeks.

James Hopper presented Excellence in Chemistry awards to Cole Kelso and Teresa McDaniel. David Hutchison presented the following awards: U.S. Modern History Dual- Credit to Ben Turner and Catherine Walker; U.S. Early History Dual- Credit to Jolie Bowers and Meadow Hurd; Government Dual- Credit to Erin McDaniel; Government to Deakon Qualls; Economics Dual-Credit to Jack Vermedahl and Ximena Zendejas Gonzales; and Economics to Seylin Torres Olivas. Hutchison also presented a certificate to Ben Turner for placing fifth in UIL Social Studies.

Hutchison, Brown, Bowers and Carranza gave out awards for the One Act Play. Janae Jones-Ivery was All-Star Cast at district, Dawson Timmons was Honorable Mention All-Star Cast, and Kadance DeMots received the One Act Play Golden Wolf award.

Bill Kelly gave the Weather Science award to Joshua Davis, the Social Studies award to Jacob Byrd, the Junior Success Studies award to Emily Fehr, the Senior Success Studies awards to Alicen Turner and Destiny Lucas, and the Wii Sports award to Juan Diego Guevera. Kiel Kitchens presented the P.E. awards to Alex Rodriguez-Paredes and Audra Jobe.

Ruben Lopez gave his Algebra II award to Savannah Ball. Jeff Metcalf presented the Government/Economics award to Annie Schacher. Lorinda Osuna presented the English I award to Haven Seaton and the Pre-AP English I award to Brandis Beavers. Osuna also presented a certificate to Andrea Marquez for placing sixth at district in UIL Ready Writing.

Laura Portillo- Amaya presented these awards: Spanish II (nonnative speaking)-Callie Ritchey; Spanish II (native speaking)-Karol Garcia; Spanish III-Ana Mier; and Spanish IVKassandra Acosta.

Kari Ramos gave the English II award to Josue Perez and the Pre-AP English II award to Karol Garcia. Abbie Read presented the Biology award to Jacob Hininger and the Pre-AP Biology award to Hailey Nolt. Jennifer Read presented the Law Enforcement award to Alexandria Gonzalez. Melissa Ritchey presented the IPC award to Audra Jobe and the Physics award to Ben Turner.

Camille Robbins presented these awards: Algebra II to Jolie Bowers, College Algebra/Trigonometry Dual-Credit to Emiliano Camacho, Dual-Credit Statistics/Business Math to Jadyn Trusler and Math Models to Ben Turner. Abbi Rodriguez gave Algebra I awards to Debany Goytia, Maria Briano-Guevara, Carlos Son-Gomez and Audra Jobe.

Jeff Sanderson gave the Welding 1-Golden Arm Award to Andrew Berngen and Yiovani Orrantia, the Welding II-Golden Arm Award to Eric Ruiz, and the Welding I Top Fabrication Team Award to Zeek Van Beek and Mitchell Bailey.

Larry Smith presented five awards: Anatomy & Physiology to Mireya Gonzalez, Kinesiology I to Avi Day, Kinesiology II to Karol Garcia, EMT to Jadyn Trusler and Elizabeth White, and Problem Based Kinesiology to Abigail Amaya.

Frank Subealdea presented the Principles of TDL award to Jimmy Lugo and Haliey Nicholson, the Advanced Auto Tech award to Dustin Hoppe and Jorge Renteria, the Auto Tech award to Alexander Osborne, and the Diesel Tech award to Liam Hernandez. He also presented certificates to students for advancing to State in Skills USA: Annie Schacher-second place red ribbon for Welding Project-Tiny Tooling Table; Jimmy Lugo-first place blue ribbon for 351 Ford Head rebuild; Casandra Yocupicio-first place blue ribbon for 1991 Ford 351 Head rebuild; and Emiliano Camachofirst place blue ribbon for 1997 4.2 cylinder head rebuild.

Chase Thompson presented the U.S. History awards to Jorge Renteria, Emily Martinez and Luis Labra. Alicia Trujillo presented three awards: Practicum of Education to Christina Barrow and Seylin Torres, Human Growth and Development to Anahi Huaracha and Catherine Walker, and Principles of Education to Emily Gaines and Lauren Heiskell. Lida Trusler presented the Algebra I award to Wilson Calel and the Pre-AP Algebra I award to Brian Gonzalez.

The ceremony concluded after all the awards had been presented.

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