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AirMedCare Network gives presentation to Dallam, Hartley commissioners

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AirMedCare Network gives presentation to Dallam, Hartley commissioners

The Dalhart Texan

The Dallam and Hartley commissioner’s courts heard a presentation from AirMedCare Network during a joint meeting Monday, Sept. 12, discussing membership services they are proposing to both counties. Jason Monday, the national director of membership for AirMedCare Network travelled from Tennessee to Dalhart to give his presentation.

“What we want to do is provide some clarity to the community, to the commissioners, to the judges and everybody in attendance, kind of what we are and who we are because we do go by multiple names,” Monday said. “We kind of joke and say it’s the NASCAR version of emergent transport.”

The overarching name of the company is Global Medical Response, which has 38,000 employees with a mission of transportation in emergency or nonemergency situations to include air and ground transportation.

Locally, AMR (American Medical Response) is part of the AirMedCare Network membership program.

“It’s the world’s largest air ambulance membership program,” Monday said. “To date, there’s about 3.9 million members, has a 37-year history. We pride ourselves on this because we have not been doing this in just the last year or two, we’ve been doing this for decades.”

He said a membership to a service such as this will eliminate any and all out-of-pocket expenses for members and anybody in their household if Global Medical Response - AMR or Lifestar - provides the transport.

“That’s the catch, if there is one, it’s got to be ours because I cannot write-off from a company that we don’t manage,” Monday said.

There’s also no cap on the number of transports.

“The product is called Municipal Site Plans, and what it does is provide protection to every single resident within the counties,” Monday added, saying the pickup location would need to be within the two counties, but residents can opt for a nationwide plan. Hartley County judge Ronnie Gordon asked what percentage of patients in this area are transported by GMR as opposed to other services, and Monday couldn’t answer because he did not have access to local EMS data.

“I can tell you every 7-10 days we’re here picking up a patient,” Monday said.

“From a legal standpoint, you have to call the closest appropriate asset,” said Jeremy Tracy, director of Lifestar. “I know you guys had an asset of Rico Aviation, which was PHI Air Methods which they’re no longer here.

“We’re coming up on our 30th year. Prior to (Rico) being here, we serviced Dallam and Hartley counties for 25-26 years.”

Dallam County judge Wes Ritchey said Rico transported about 48 percent of the time before it closed, Lifestar around 30 percent, (Amarillo-based) Apollo Medflight around 20 percent. Ritchey asked what they would consider a successful percentage of transport, to which Tracy said they would need to do a performa of population and transports out.

Tracy said assets are easily accessible with Lifestar 1 in Amarillo and Lifestar 2 in Pampa, Aerocare 2 in Clovis (N.M.) and EagleMed in Liberal, Kansas.

“Historically, looking back at Lifestar and servicing the citizens of Dalhart - Dallam and Hartley counties - Clayton and Union County, we were there,” Tracy added.

Monday said residents who become a member would pay $85 for a standard household or $65 for a 60-plus household.

“What we’re going to do is we’re going to drop that down $45 and $35, tied to this (proposed) agreement,” Monday said. “So there’s an extended value of savings there, if they choose to upgrade.”

Gordon asked that if the counties did not accept the proposal, would the company still offer the membership to residents here, to which Monday said yes, at the standard rate.

The commissions did not act on the proposal as it was just a presentation.

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