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City council holds special, regular meetings

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City council holds special, regular meetings

By Bill Kelly


The Dalhart City Council held a special meeting on Monday December 20, and then held their regular semimonthly meeting on Monday December 27. The only item on the agenda of the December 20 special meeting was to consider and act upon the employment of the Interim City Manager.

The council hired Melissa Vossmer as Interim City Manager at their regular meeting on Tuesday December 14, after having interviewed her and a couple of other candidates in a special meeting on December 9. After opening the special meeting on December 20 with a prayer, Mayor Justin Moore immediately moved the council into executive session to discuss Vossmer’s continued employment.

After spending approximately 50 minutes in the executive session, the council reconvened into open session. Moore stated that he and the council members had decided during the meeting that they wanted Vossmer to continue on as Interim City Manager. Moore made a statement that the city council as a whole fully supports Vossmer and that they stand behind her and that they hope none of the city staff give Vossmer any troubles and that if anyone does give Vossmer trouble that the council fully supports her. Vossmer was in the audience and thanked the council for the compliments. The council then voted unanimously to officially approve keeping Vossmer on as the Interim City Manager, and then adjourned.

The council held the regular meeting on Monday December 27. The meeting was attended by Moore, Tim Yee, Dwayne Smith, Bryan Brewer, Sherri Haschke, and Ian Van Den Heever. After the opening prayer by Moore, those in attendance voted unanimously to approve the minutes from regular meeting on December 14 and the special meeting on December 20.

Next, the council voted unanimously to approve Resolution 2021- 06, which authorized the submission of a FY (Fiscal Year) 2022 Regional Solid Waste Grants Program Application to the Panhandle Regional Planning Commission. This grant would be used to purchase approximately 45 new yard waste dumpsters to replace some that have fallen into disrepair and to place in areas that need more of them.

The next item on the agenda was to consider and act upon awarding the 2022 Concrete Bid. This was a bid to provide concrete to the city for the entire year at a set price. G&G Transmix was the only company to make a bid. A representative of the company attended the meeting and, in a gesture of goodwill toward the community, actually recommended that the city reject the bid because it was priced higher than the current rate.

The reason for the higher price was due to the fact that the company knows there will be some price increases coming during the year, and so they had to guess at how much concrete will cost by the end of the year. The representative of the company felt that the fiscally responsible thing for the city to do was to reject the bid and just buy concrete on an as-needed basis and pay whatever price is asked at that time than to lock in a higher price because he was having to guess at potential price increases throughout the year. G&G Transmix did ask that the city keep in mind the gesture when considering who to buy concrete from during the year. The council voted unanimously to reject the bid.

The next item was to consider and act upon the recommendation from the Hotel Occupancy Tax Committee to help fund a Junior Rodeo for the XIT Rodeo & Reunion. The XIT Rodeo & Reunion Association had asked for $5,000 from the Hotel Occupancy Tax to help with advertising and other expenses for the junior rodeo. The council approved the recommendation unanimously.



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