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City council votes to keep tax rate steady

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City council votes to keep tax rate steady

By Drew Stegall


The Dalhart City Council held a regular city meeting on Tuesday August 24. This meeting was held at the Dalhart City Hall located at 6 p.m., and the public was invited to attend. It is possible to watch the council meeting on the City of Dalhart’s YouTube Channel.

The first item on the agenda was for the council to pray. The prayer was led by Mayor Justin Moore. The — council then approved the consent agenda which had the members approve the minutes from the regular meeting that took place on August 10. The board approved the consent agenda unanimously.

The council then held a period of time for the public to make comments, but no members from the public had comments to make at the meeting.

This first action item on the city council’s agenda was to consider and act upon the recommendation from the Planning and Zoning Commission to conduct the first reading of Ordinance 2021-15. This ordinance proposes a zone change of lot 18,19, and 20, of block 68, Blair Division (1101 Matlock) from R-3 Residential to Special Use for the purpose of placing a manufactured home.

Even though this is the first reading of this ordinance, it is not the first time that this home has been discussed at a city council meeting. This is the manufactured home that was discussed at the August 10 council meeting which requested permission to set the house on the lot so it would not get damaged by the weather. The council allowed the house to be set as long as the owners paid fines for setting the house before following the proper procedure. This ordinance will finally allow the owners to get electricity, water, and reside in their new manufactured home. The council approved this ordinance unanimously

Next, City Manager James Stroud led the Dalhart City Council through their second budget workshop. Stroud recommended that the council keep the tax rate the same at .4276. He handed the council members proposed tax rates for other cities in Texas. Council member Tim Yee made a comment on how other cities keep raising taxes compared to Dalhart. Stroud thanked his staff for the consistent tax rate. “I attribute that to my department heads and staff. They do a good job of trying to keep things operational and within budget.” Stroud said. “Of 254 counties we are the only two counties and cities that work together. So we basically do not duplicate services (jail, Hospital, etc.) All of that saves tax money. Dallam and Hartley County both have the lowest tax rates in the state.”

The board unanimously approved a proposed tax rate of .4276. This vote was just to accept the proposal of the tax rate. The council will have to vote to accept this tax rate along with the budget at a separate meeting.

Moore then appointed three council members to be on the salary committee. Those appointed were Jon Loepke, Parker Noel, and Moore. There were no issues with the appointments made. 

Next, the council held a time for discussion of future agenda items. No council member had an item that they wished to discuss. The meeting was then adjourned.


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