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Dallam, Hartley County hold monthly commissioners’ court meetings

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Dallam, Hartley County hold monthly commissioners’ court meetings

by Drew Stegall


The Hartley County Commissioners’ Court held its regular monthly meeting on Monday July 12 at 8:30 a.m. This meeting was open to the public and took place at the Hartley County Courthouse in Channing. The meeting began with a chance for patrons to have an audience with the commissioners’ court, but there were no patrons present at the meeting. Current bills and financial reports were reviewed and approved by the court. This was motioned by commissioner David Vincent and seconded by commissioner David Spinhirne. Next, the court reviewed and approved minutes  of the previous meeting that took place onJune 14.

The Hartley Commissioners’ Court then reviewed and discussed the quarterly investment reports. This item was approved through the motion of commissioner Butch Owens and seconded by Vincent. The approval of employee bonds was reviewed and approved by the court. This item was motioned by commissioner Vincent and seconded by commissioner Spinhirne.

Micah Meurer was nominated to be an appraisal district board member. Vincent made the motion to accept this nomination and it was seconded by Owens.

Bids were made for the construction of the Hartley County Justice center. The contractor bid approved by the court was for $366,853. This was motioned by Vincent and seconded by Spinhirne.

Bi-County Bills were reviewed, discussed, and considered by the court. This part of the agenda was passed through the motion of Vincent and Chad Hicks. There was nothing to note when considering the budget workshop, and no motions were made for this item on the agenda.

The Dallam County Commissioners’ Court held its regular monthly meeting Monday July 12 at 10 a.m. The meeting was open to the public and took place at the Dallam County Courtroom in Dalhart, Texas. The court had a set time to have an audience with patrons, but no patrons sought audience with the court at this meeting. Current bills were discussed, considered, and approved through the motion of Corey Crabtree, which was seconded by Floyd French. Minutes of the previous meeting that took place on June 14 were approved by commissioner Levi James and seconded by Carl McCarty. Financial reports were discussed, considered, and approved through the motion of Floyd French and seconded by Carl McCarty. There were no reports or requests from personnel to be discussed at this meeting.

Increased filters and adoption of internet safety policies were discussed and approved for the computers at the Hartley-Dallam Counties Library. This motion was made by Crabtree and seconded by James.

The Dallam County Commissioners’ Court approved looking for bids to repair the roof on the county’s extension building. This was motioned by French and seconded by McCarty. The board also approved the purchase of a brand new Ford Explorer for transport at the Dallam County Jail. This purchase will cost $39,798. This motion was made by French and seconded by James. 

Next, the court had a discussion on Coronavirus Funds provided by the federal government. Because no money was taken the court took no action for this agenda item. There was no bi-county meeting between the two commissioners’ courts this month.

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