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City council approves rate reductions with Atmos

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City council approves rate reductions with Atmos

by Drew Stegall


The City of Dalhart had a regular city council meeting Tuesday, June 8th, 2021 at 6:00 P.M. The meeting was open to the public and held at the Dalhart City Hall on 205 Rock Island Street. This council meeting was also posted to the Dalhart City Council’s Youtube page.

Ian Van Den Heever led the council in a word of prayer before proceeding. “Dear Heavenly Father, would you please keep our minds nice and clear. Make it that whatever we decide, we keep everyone’s interest at heart. Thank you for the wonderful blessings we have everyday. In your name, Amen,” Heever prayed. The council then consented on the agenda. They approved the minutes of the regular meeting that took place May 25th, 2021. The council also approved the May financial reports and bills. There were no public comments made at this meeting.

Next, the city council considered and acted upon the recommendation from the Planning and Zoning Commission to conduct the second reading of Ordinance 2021-12. This ordinance proposed a zone change of Lot 16 and East 7.5’ of 17, Block 67, Blair Division, Dallam County (1008 Matlcok) from R-3 residential to special use for the purpose of placing a manufactured home. The land owner commented that it would be a brand new manufactured home placed on the lot. This ordinance was adopted unanimously.

The council considered and acted upon adopting Resolution 2021-03. This resolution would have the City Council of Dalhart approve a reduction in rates charged by Atmos Energy Corporation, West Texas division related to the reduction in the federal corporate tax rate. “When they reduced the corporate tax it is just now cycling into effect. This will actually lower everyone’s atmos bills because of the corporate tax decrease. I recommend we do this,” City Manager James Stroud said.

This resolution passed unanimously. The council then considered and acted upon the renewal of Rita Blanca Electric’s franchise agreement. It was recently that the board also renewed the Xcel Energy franchise agreement. “We try to have these things where they all go at the same time so when we renew them we know they are there. We reviewed this and there were two items that we changed to match apples to apples with Xcel Energy. We raised the franchise fee to five percent and changed from 60 days to 90 days for notifications. This gives us more funds to repair streets and allies since they are getting tore up pretty bad by contractors. They asked for ten years,” Stroud said. The renewal was agreed upon unanimously.

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