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      Date: Sep 21, 2009
     Title: Caprock kicks the Wolves

Friday night was another incredible night of football at Memorial Stadium with both teams trading punches.  In the end Caprock kicked a 28-yard field goal with 11 seconds left on the clock to break a 20-20 tie and win the game 23-20 over the Golden Wolves. 

By Rodney White

Friday night was another incredible night of football at Memorial Stadium with both teams trading punches.  In the end Caprock kicked a 28-yard field goal with 11 seconds left on the clock to break a 20-20 tie and win the game 23-20 over the Golden Wolves.  

    The first quarter saw Caprock throwing the ball on every single play on a 69-yard drive, until Jamar Johnson dove over from the one on a fourth and one to take the lead 6-0 after the failed extra point attempt.  The Wolves looked good with Noah Jesko throwing a 51-yard pass to John Belgira.  Jesko was sacked on two successive plays, and Caprock took over at the 50.  

The rest of the half consisted of some great runs by Thomas Allen and Devonte Burks, but penalties seemed to stop good drives by both teams.  Caprock had their lone interception of the night near the end of the half when they got the ball at their 47 yard line.  After driving the ball downfield, Caprock called a time out and decided to go for a 39-yard field goal.  The Wolves called a time out to ice the kicker, so Caprock decided to run the ball on fourth and four with 25 seconds left in the half.  The Wolves then called time out to set up a defense for the Caprock play, forcing Caprock to use another time out and then deciding to kick the field goal, which was no good and the Wolves went into halftime trailing 0-6.

The second half was all wide open ball with lots of passing by Caprock, which made the third quarter last almost an hour.  Dalhart got the ball to start the quarter, and Burks returned the kickoff to the 32 yard line.  Adrian Ruiz had a great block to spring Thomas Allen around the end, and he carried the ball 23 yards to the 43 yard line of the Wolves.  On third and one Allen picked up a first down, running from the Wild Cat formation.  Thomas Allen completed a perfect 30-yard pass to Harper Scofield for a touchdown, and after the extra point by Nick Young, the Wolves led 7-6.  

    Nick kicked off from the 50 after a penalty for a late hit against Caprock.  Caprock started their drive at the 18, but on a pass play which was tipped at the line of scrimmage, Tyler Smith stepped in front of the ball for an interception at the 26 yard line which he returned to the five.  Jose Villalobos carried the ball to the three, then Adrian Ruiz scored from three yards out.  The extra point attempt by Nick Young was good, and the Wolves led 14-6 with 7:53 left in the third quarter.

The teams traded punches for a couple of series, but finally Thomas Allen punted the ball to the 20 yard line on a great kick.  Caprock then completed a 52-yard pass to Jamar Johnson at the 28 yard line of the Wolves.  Johnson was the workhorse on this drive and continued to drive the ball, eventually scoring on a one yard run after a valiant effort by the Dalhart defense.  Caprock went for two and the pass was just barely in bounds for two points and the game was tied at 14 with 4:35 left in the third quarter.

Caprock kicked to the Wolves, and after a touchback, the Wolves took over at the 20 yard line.  Burks carried the ball out to the 34, then Thomas Allen carried the ball 18 yards after two great jukes to elude Caprock tacklers.  Thomas threw a perfect pass to the end zone, but it was dropped.  Thomas then carried the ball again from the Wild Cat formation to the 16 after another 19-yard run.  Another touched pass was dropped in the end zone setting up a fourth down.  Thomas Allen completed a 14-yard pass play to Harper Scofield.  It took awhile to see if Dalhart quarterback Thomas Allen had crossed the line of scrimmage, but no officials had a clear view of the play, so the Caprock coaching staff did not get their complaints answered.   The touchdown was good.  The extra point attempt was wide, and the Wolves led 20-14.

After a great kick off by Nick Young, Caprock starts at the 13 yard line.  The Longhorns completed a 36-yard pass to the 49, but then lost 19 yards on a high snap over the quarterbacks head.  The Longhorns were forced to punt to the 34 yard line with 9:24 left in the game.  Dalhart decided to go for it on fourth and one in their own territory hoping to pick up a first down and run out the clock.  A great play by Caprock stopped the Wolves short of the first down, and Caprock took over at the 39 yard line.  Jamar Johnson, Caprock’s 225 pound running back, carried the ball for four straight plays to the two yard line.  Caprock scored from two yards out, but the extra point was no good and the game was tied at 20 with 5:04 left in the game.  The Wolves couldn’t move the ball, and Allen punted to the 34 yard line with 3:22 left in the game.  Caprock moved the ball down the field and with 11 seconds left on the clock just barely made a 27-yard field goal to defeat the Wolves 23-20.  Next week the Wolves will face another 4A school as the Dumas Demons come to town.  Dumas is coming off of a 34-13 victory over Plainview.

Dalhart Statistics:Dalhart First Downs 18, Rushing Yards 190, Passing Yards 141, Total Yards 299, Passes Complete 9-20-1 Int, Punts 3 for 40.3 yard average, Fumbles lost, Penatlies – yards 10-106.

Caprock Statistics: First Downs 22, Rushing Yards 127, Passing Yards 215, Total Yards 308, Passes Complete 19-41 – 1 Int, Fumbles lost 2, Penalties – yards 10-8522.