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Post Master retires

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Dalhart’s Post Master, Pam Dixon, retired from the United States Postal Service at the end of March, after serving as Post Master since 2004.  Pam accepted an opportunity for early retirement from the USPS, after 25 years of service overall.

    Pam, who was originally from Kentucky, moved to Dalhart in 1990.  She transferred to Dalhart with the postal service and her time with the Dalhart Post Office began as a clerk.  She held that position until her promotion to Post Master in 2004.  The offer for early retirement came at a very good time in Pam’s life.  She commented, “This was the right time for me due to my mother’s illness.  She lives in Indiana and now I’ll be able to travel there and care for her as needed.”  The ability to travel to Indiana and care for her mother is especially important to Pam, as she is an only child.

    Prior to working for the United States Postal Service, Pam was a member of the United States Air Force.  Her career in the Air Force took her to many interesting locations, including three years in Misawa, Japan.  During one of Alaska’s noteworthy blizzards, a plane she was traveling on was rerouted to Adak, Alaska, in the Aleutian Islands where the air temperature was 30 degrees below zero.  

    The Air Force is partly responsible for bringing Pam to the Texas panhandle.  She met and married a man also in the Air Force who was Texas born and bred.  Pam commented, “You know how they are, they believe there’s no place better on the planet than the Texas panhandle.”  When she and her husband were discharged from the Air Force they came to the panhandle.

    The Dixon’s have three children.  One resides in Dumas and two reside in Dalhart.  Pam stated, “I have really enjoyed my four grandchildren.  They all live in Dalhart.”  Pam’s grandchildren are Ali, Katelynn, Arison and Avery.  Early retirement allows for more grandma time with her cherished grandbabies.    

    Pam has fond memories of her career with the post office.  She noted, “It gave me an opportunity to meet a lot of people and make new friends.”  About retirement, Pam stated, “I’m ecstatic about being retired.  I love it!”  Pam’s husband, Vernon “JR” Dixon is the Post Master in Channing, so her ties to the postal service continue. 

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