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Ed2Go simple and worthwhile

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By Robin Scott

     With more than 1,500 of the top schools across the United States, Canada and Australia, Ed2Go offers practical and highly effective courses on just about every topic imaginable.  Some of the courses include Creating Web Pages, Accounting Fundamentals, Speed Spanish, Grant Writing, Medical Terminology, Real Estate Investing and more.  Every Ed2Go course includes an instructor, so students are never attempting to teach themselves through a tutorial.

    Lt. Mike Ford with the Dalhart Police Department recently finished a course online through Ed2Go.  His experience should influence and motivate others to give Ed2Go a try.  Mike registered online for the Introduction to Access 2007 course, and he stated, “Registering online was really simple.  It’s comparable to buying a book on, and only took about five minutes.”  One of the fears people have when thinking about taking an online course is whether or not they will feel comfortable or that the course may be too hard.  Mike stated, “It wasn’t hard at all.  I’m used to taking classes online because some of the law enforcement continuing education is online.  It’s like anything else; you have to be committed to the task if you want to accomplish it.  It won’t finish itself.”

    The coursework generally requires about two to three hours of effort per week.  Each course has two assigned lessons each week that should be accomplished in two weeks.  Mike noted, “I was able to finish each lesson within a couple of hours.”

Mike enjoyed taking the class at his convenience, stating, “I was able to work on the lessons when I had the time to do it and not have to be someplace at any particular time.”  The only drawback he reported was not hearing live questions from other people.  He noted, “I learn a lot from that.  However, there is a discussion feature where other students of the class can post questions, but if you don’t go to that area of the lesson then you won’t read them.  I didn’t have the need to go there very often, so I think I missed some of the problems other people were having.  But you can go there anytime and read other people’s posts.”

    Mike has already begun to look at more courses he’d like to complete in the future, including the Advanced Access 2007 course.  He recommends potential new students to give it a try, stating, “If you work with databases at all, it would be good to know the program.  I use them lot in law enforcement and I learned a lot about a program I already use that I didn’t know before the class.  He stated that the minimal cost for the course was well worth it.  He stated that what a student gets from the course is very valuable.  He commented, “I had access to the lesson text, the instructor’s knowledge and that of his assistant.  That’s another good thing.  There was a live instructor you could ask questions, and when he wasn’t available he had an assistant.”  He stated that the course met all of his expectations. He also stated, “It’s like anything.  If you put in the effort, you’ll be rewarded comparably.  It also answered questions I had about the program I was using.  I can do things with Access 2007 that I did not know how to do before.  I’m satisfied.”  He also felt that he had mastered the course by following the course plan and structure.  He noted, “They give you all the information you need to master any task that Access 2007 can do.  They give you plenty of opportunity to go over the lesson as many times as you want before you have to take the final exam.  It’s really all up to the student and how proficient he or she wants to be.”

    Mike felt that through the Ed2Go course he became more proficient with a computer based program that he had already been using for a while.  He stated, “Something else that occurred to me while I was browsing through the list of courses is that’s it nice to have a place to learn some things where you

don’t have to leave home.  I have looked through the community education section of the fliers from Amarillo College and while I’ve seen things I wanted to do, it just was not so important that I was willing to drive all the way to Amarillo to learn it.”

    One very important aspect of the Ed2Go course to Mike was having plenty of time to finish each lesson and the ability to print off all the text and information for later reference.  He enjoyed being able to ask questions of a live person and receive a timely response.  He stated, “I have taken online courses where everything is recorded and you can’t give feedback.  Something else I think is noteworthy is that after you pass your final exam, you get to print off your own certificate.  Mine shows that I successfully completed 24 hours of training.”

For more information about Ed2Go, see the article “Over 250 classes available” on page 3.