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In honor of the woman responsible for your birth

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By Judi Wiegman

Mom—a special word that brings tears to our eyes and joy to our hearts.

Mom—so special that for years it has been the most sought after skin tattoo.

Mom—the theme of many a song.

People call her by many names; Mother, Mom, Mama, Madre, My Old Lady, and, if you are playing scrabble with my son, Mater!  Yes, it IS in the official scrabble dictionary as a derivative of the name Mother.

In a “people” interview, I asked this question; what is the best gift your mother ever gave you.”  Some people answered instantly, while others pondered long and hard. The answers were as different as the people I asked.

Three high school girls responded with these answers:

“She gave me life.”  Angelica Mendoza

“She gave me strength.” BriAnna Silva

“She gave me inspiration.” Kourtney Thelander

Some adults responded with these answers.

“People always comment on my complexion.  It was a gift from my mom.”  Kelly

“Physical Attributes”  Kayce

After several minutes of thinking, Tom replied, “Unconditional love.  Even when I was wrong she loved me.”

“How to make it on my own.” Larry Reilman

“A Godly example.” Brian Walton

“Her love.”  Tamara Schneider

“Her advice.” Robert Schneider

“She gave me life.” Linda Reilman

“My mom was an uneducated woman.  After she married, dad taught her to write her name.  Still, she taught us that we could be whatever we wanted to be.  She helped me set a goal for myself and I became a Pastor’s wife.”  Edna Pyle

“She gave me my Christian heritage.” Rev. Chalmer Wiegman

“She gave me herself and now that she is gone, I wish I would have spent more time with her.” (Anonymous)

Mother’s Day has been a National Holiday since 1914.  In the early 1900’s, a woman named Anna Jarvis pushed heavily to get a day set aside to honor mothers.  Some years later, this same woman began protesting the commercialization of Mother’s Day and was arrested for disturbing the peace.  Her protest revolved around the selling of flowers and manufactured cards.  She had envisioned personal hand written letters and visits to see Mother.  

It is interesting that last year 68 million dollars was spent on Mother’s Day cards.  The number one gift to Mother, flowers, poured 2.6 billion dollars in their tills.

Other countries have adopted a Mother’s Day making it International.  Some are following the example of the U.S., while others use it as a strict religious holiday honoring the dead.  In 1997, China designated their Mother’s Day to help “poor mothers,” reaching out to those in need. 

Phone calls are a common way to get in touch with Mother on her special day. In fact, more phone calls are placed on Mother’s Day than any other day in the year. 

“What would you like most this Mother’s Day?”  When I asked this question, the answer that came more than others was, “I just want a visit, just to see them.”

Dropping by the house, visiting the nursing home, making that phone call; however you choose to get in touch with your mother; do it. She’s waiting!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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