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Jotting Judy

Posted by: tdt -

The grave is empty, no bones about it! 

     A man walked along the street in the impoverished country of Haiti.  He happened upon a shop selling items from Haitian artisans.  Inside, he noticed a strange collection of bells fashioned from wood.  The bells bore this inscription; “No one hears the cry of the poor or the ringing of a wooden bell.”  (Haitian proverb)
    Many take this proverb to be truth. Just blocks from our nation’s capitol building dwell the poorest of the poor in that city.  They are ragged, forgotten and alone.  They dwell within the sound of “freedom bells” ringing; yet wonder if anyone hears their cries.  Jesus said, “for you will always have the poor with you, but you will not always have me.” (John 12:8)
    Portions of Psalm 34 says: Let the lowly hear and be glad; The Lord listens to their pleas; and to hearts broken He is near, for He hears the cry of the poor.
    God is not deaf! He heard the cry of a needy world. He heard the wooden bell and gave His Son. Love was made flesh in the form of a baby, born in a stable to a poor, young woman.
    In His life, Jesus was misheard and misunderstood.  He did not lead into battle with clanging bells or shiny swords. And standing before His accusers; “He opened not His mouth.”  He could have called ten thousand angels to free Him, but He went in silence to hang on a wooden cross.
    Other religions of the world can visit the grave of their leader.  Christianity is the only religion that serves a “living Savior.”  The grave is empty—no bones about it!
    He is not silent! Death could not keep Him in the grave. This Easter as we celebrate the Christ of the wooden bell; silently going to the cross, may we hear the beating of His heart—a living Christ; un-silenced!   
    Up from the grave He arose! Hallelujah!