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2nd Annual P.E. Program turned back time

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By Robin Scott

    Time was turned back to the 1980’s at this year’s P.E. Program put on by 3rd grade students from Dalhart Elementary School and 4th and 5th grade students from Dalhart Intermediate School, and it was a huge crowd pleaser.  Under the direction of coaches Tisha Scott and Bridgett Nicholson, and with the help of the teachers, the children got “Crazy in the 80’s,” the theme for the program this year, and entertained hundreds of guests.
    Since last year, students have been learning the routines that they performed in the event held on Thursday, March 11th in the Dalhart High School gymnasium.  The physical fitness routines were all choreographed to those beloved 80’s hair band sounds and the audience got right into the spirit of the evening.  The founder of the popular P.E. Program, Kim Wright, was in attendance again this year to cheer on the students and teachers.    
    The DIS PTO’s kicked off the evening with a snack and goodies fundraiser.  People began filling the gym early hoping to get a seat, and many were left standing as so many parents, friends and neighbors attended.  This year’s entertainment included dance moves, choreographed basketball bouncing, rhythm movements, Lummi sticks, jump roping and a brand new routine using the exercise Geo Mats made possible by a donation from Cargill Cares.  “Jump (For My Love),” was the perfect tune for the students to demonstrate the skills they’ve learned using the new mats.
    The 3rd graders got the party started with a routine to “Ghostbusters” that also got the crowd in a dancing mood.  The 5th grade boys then took over with “R.O.C.K. in the U.S.A.,” as they carefully bounced basketballs in rhythm to the music.  A popular routine each year has been “Tinikling,” a Philippine folk dance performed by the 5th grade girls who tinikled to “Mickey.”
    The 3rd grade students brought back the parachute routine, which was a huge crowd pleaser as they performed to “Knock on Wood.”  Third grade students also rocked the full house with “Rock This Town” with ribbons.   
    The Dalhart Jump & Jam Club’s jump rope routine is always a welcome group of talented students.  They were back for the event and amazed the audience with brand new moves that included students jump roping over four other students.  It was truly spectacular. 
    The 4th grade’s hula hoop routine to “Hit Me with Your Best Shot,” was one of the highlights of the evening as the routine turned into the highly anticipated “hoop off” at the end, with just two students remaining and vying for champion hula hooper.   The 5th grade did a novelty routine that verged on hysterical.  Each dressed as some form of food item including, “M&M’s,” a can of “Pepsi,” eggs and bacon, a chocolate chip cookie, “Skittles,” and more.  The “fat” students jiggled to “Eat It,” by Weird Al Yankovitch.
    Returning as guest of honor was Kim Wright who designs fitness programs set to music.  She is the founder of Kim and Kids:  Programs Unlimited.  Coach Nicholson discovered Wright’s talents in Canyon at a performance of Wright’s jump rope team more than a year ago.  This year, the coaches added a grand finale to the event that was not only a big surprise, but a big success.  The coaches and teachers donned traditional 80’s wear, including big earrings, netted gloves and tutus, and danced for their students who were thrilled to see their teachers up and dancing and having a great time.
    By the time the hour-long program was over, parents were reminiscing about the good old 1980’s and wondering, “How am I going to get ‘Addicted to Love’ out of my head now?”  Considering that most of the parents were students in the 1980’s, the theme was not only fun, but brought back a memorable period of the audience and proved, big hair really is cool!