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Raising funds for crisis pregnancy

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By Robin Scott

The Dalhart Pregnancy Resource Center held its Annual Fundraising Banquet on Thursday, March 11th.  The event got underway at 6:30 p.m. with dinner and fellowship at the First Baptist Church in Dalhart.  Supporters of DPRC were welcomed by Jill Morrison, and Dr. David Thetford gave the prayer.
    Dalhart Pregnancy Resource Center is an outreach ministry.  The non-profit organization’s mission statement states that it is, “Committed to presenting the gospel of Jesus Christ in word and deed to individuals in crisis pregnancy situations, to promoting premarital abstinence, and to ministering to persons in post abortion trauma.”
    The annual fundraising allows Dalhart Pregnancy Resource Center to meet its goals, which include providing free confidential Christian information regarding parenting, abortion, abstinence and adoption, providing free pregnancy testing, Bible studies, tems, informational programs about the center and its services, and providing educational presentations about abstinence. 
    During the event, Julie Grant gave the Director’s Report and Jennifer Read introduced Candy Gibbs, the guest speaker.  Gibbs spoke about her own experience with a crisis pregnancy nearly 20 years ago, and the devastating and long-lasting effect the decisions she made then had on her life.  The audience sat in utter silence as Gibbs spoke, and at times cried about the grief she feels for the loss of a daughter she chose to abort.  She stated, “It is too late for me, but tomorrow morning there will be another girl, and it won’t be too late for her.”
    Bringing the real life statistics of crisis pregnancy to the supporters at the banquet is part of what Dalhart Pregnancy Resource Center is dedicated to doing.  In understanding that any young girl can become pregnant is an important message, as Gibbs noted, “I was the daughter of a minister.”  No one believes that “their” daughter will go through the life-altering experience of an unplanned pregnancy, but the message from Dalhart Pregnancy Resource Center is that anyone can.  They want to encourage the community to get involved in not only teaching about abstinence but on saving the life of a baby who may be aborted if the mother isn’t reached out to.
    Girls and women who visit Dalhart Pregnancy Resource Center find a loving and welcoming environment and quickly discover that they are not alone and do not have to go through their experience alone.  Dalhart Pregnancy Resource Center is, “Committed to assisting women to carry to term by providing emotional support and practical assistance.”  Upholding the sanctity of human life is a main goal of Dalhart Pregnancy Resource Center, but they also help victims of abortion recover and heal.
    For more information about the Dalhart Pregnancy Resource Center, contact Julie Grant at 244-1783.