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Say good-bye to that extra hour

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By Robin Scott and Charlie Rowell

That extra hour everyone received back on November 1st, when 2:00 a.m. became 1:00 a.m. has expired.  Now it’s time to give up that extra hour.  The consolation prize, however, is an added hour of sunlightto the end of the day.    Daylight Saving Time (DST) begins on Sunday, March 14th when 2:00 a.m. becomes 3:00 a.m.  The added hour of sunlight does seem to compensate for losing an hour, but many will certainly feel the difference when they try to wake up Sunday morning, one hour early.  
The annual ritual of turning clocks forward an hour in spring and back again in the fall meets with the usual comments, “I hate getting up in the dark,” or “I am so excited to have an hour more of daylight!”  Feelings about the change appear equally split between those who vehemently dislike the change to those who embrace it.
The greatest complaint about losing an hour seems to be the loss of sleep.  The biological clock of a person may have just adjusted to the added hour from last fall, only to have to give it up and readjust.  The body doesn’t seem to be able to get tricked into the change either by going to bed an hour earlier.
The change in time comes at just the right time for area residents.  The snow is nearly gone from the area, leaving “snart” (snow art) piles everywhere, but with the change comes extra sunlight that may finally rid the area of winter.  Most everyone is welcoming spring with open arms, a trowel and planting soil.  Getting out from underneath the winter’s wrath is a welcome thought, making the adjustment to losing an hour seem not so bad.
At 2:00 a.m. on Sunday, don’t forget to nudge the hour hand to 3:00 a.m.  Walking into church after it’s over can be quite embarrassing, but then again, that may happen to many.  Better yet, consider turning the clock ahead before going to bed Saturday night and by the time the sun comes up, perhaps a bit of an adjustment will already have been made.

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