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Apartments: furthering progress and housing needs

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By Nathan French

    Progress is once again marching on in our locale with the recent announcement of several new apartment complexes being built in Dalhart.  While the projects all have ran into some hindrances, at the present time the apartments appear to be something that is certain for Dalhart and its’ near future.  While rumors of apartments have become something of folklore in the past few years, it finally seems that the projects will be coming to fruition.    
    Apartment complexes offer countless advantageous things for both communities and their residents.  Apartments offer an avenue of affordable quality housing that doesn’t require the maintenance of a normal home.  Additionally, apartments serve as a venue for individuals who seek temporary or short-term housing and are beneficial to growth for many communities.  Communities also benefit from apartments with greater tax revenue, better quality affordable housing, and more housing options to offer the general population.  Several local individuals, area corporations, and non-profit groups have taken on the challenge of providing apartments to the Dalhart community.
    Guadalupe Economic Services Corporation out of Lubbock is a private non-profit Corporation that administers programs and provides services throughout 72 counties in Texas and New Mexico. The GESC is the overseer of the grant application and apartment project off of Maynard Street.  The GESC mission is to raise the economic, educational and social levels of individuals including members of the minority community, who are substantially unemployed, underemployed, or whose income is below federal poverty guidelines, to foster and promote community-wide interest and concern for the problems of said individuals by assisting them in meeting basic needs.  The Maynard Street apartments have run into some problems regarding drainage issues, and “concerns will be addressed at the next city council meeting,” according to City Manager Greg Duggan.  The Maynard Street area faces challenges for development due to a playa lake and the challenges of grade drainage regarding new structures.
    Another area for future apartments is east of Jefferson Street; which will be income based apartment homes.  The project’s details are limited at press time, but reports are that the Jefferson Street apartments also face challenges regarding drainage and the impact of apartments on surrounding neighbors. Sources state that there are other apartments in the near future, but that at present time, they are still in the grant writing process or planning stages where no further details could be provided at press time.
    While dates of breaking ground are not finalized, it finally seems that Dalhart will be the future home to several new apartment complexes that will accommodate future growth and foster a more diverse and stable rental housing market for our local area.   

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