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Cargill Cares gives Dalhart Fire Corps big boost

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By Robin Scott

    The recently organized Dalhart Fire Corps received a much-needed donation from Cargill Cares on Monday, February 22nd.  The donation comes just in time for the members of the Fire Corps to plan fundraising events to support the organization’s endeavors.

    Volunteer Firefighter, David Ballew, Director for the Fire Corps, noted, “The donation means that the Fire Corps doesn’t have to start at zero.  They will be able to use the money to buy supplies for fundraising events.  If they want to print fliers or whatever, they could buy the paper, etc.”  He also noted that since part of the Fire Corps’ responsibility is to care for firefighters while they are actively involved in firefighting, “They will be able to use the money to support the firefighters for food or for rehab.  It will be used for their operating expenses, and now they won’t need to go out and ask for donations to get started.”

    On hand from Cargill Cares for the presentation of the funds to the Dalhart Fire Corps were Ted Hoover, Bill Kolath and Kristin Schuman.  The group tendered the $1000 check to the Fire Corps at the Dalhart Fire Department during the meeting on Monday.  

    Fire Corps members include Annette Melius, Billy Peterson, Vickie Peterson, Lorene Ballew, Angela Reynolds, Courtney Reynolds and Ted Hoover. The Fire Corps Advisory committee includes Josh Becking, Mario Garcia, Jerry Turner, Robert Gordon, Ben Fox, Royce White, Glenn Pyle, Sharlene Kimbrell, David Young, David Ballew, Jeff Ewing, Bill Ballew, Ramon Wood and John McAdams.  

    The meeting on Monday was the first full meeting of the Fire Corps after their initial organizational meeting held on January 26th.  Ten members were present at the meeting.  A finance committee was chosen to oversee the use of the funds and include Annette Melius and Ted Hoover.  Ballew noted, “They have two very capable people to handle the finances now.  They both know how to take care of money and are the perfect choice.”

    The Fire Corps has not yet elected officers, but have scheduled a meeting for Monday, March 1st to do so.   The advisory committee for the Fire Corps is made up of firefighters, and several attended Monday’s meeting.  Ballew stated, “The Fire Corps will appoint a leader who will be a liaison to come to me, and I will then go to the chief.”  

    Area residents are encouraged to join the Dalhart Fire Corps Facebook page.  Ballew commented, “Angela Reynolds set up a Dalhart Fire Corps Facebook Page for the group and we’d like to see everyone that has a Facebook page become fans of the page.”  Anyone who has an interest in joining the Dalhart Fire Corps is encouraged to contact the Dalhart Fire Department at 806.244-5454.

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