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Food Check-Out Week celebrated

Posted by: tdt -

    The cost of food in America remains affordable.  According to the latest statistics compiled by the Agriculture Department’s (USDA) Economic Research Service, American families and individuals currently spend, on average, just under 10 percent for their disposable income for food.

    Applying that statistic to the calendar year means the average household will have earned enough disposable –that portion of income available for spending or saving—to pay for its annual food supply in about 365 days, according to Dallam-Hartley Farm Bureau.

    In recognition of this, Dallam-Hartley Farm Bureau celebrated February 21-27, 2010 as Food Check-Out Week.

    Not only is America’s food supply the safest, but it’s the most affordable.

    “The safe, abundant and affordable domestic food supply produced by America’s farmers and ranchers is responsible, at least in part,  for our nation’s increasing standard of living,” said Robert Gordon, Director of Dallam County Farm Bureau.

    To mark the occasion, the Dallam-Hartley Farm Bureau will co-sponsor with United Supermarket in Dalhart, February 26, 2010, a food drive to support the Good Samaritan located in Dalhart.  With a donation of three non-perishable food items, the donor’s names will be entered into a drawing for one of two $150.00 shopping sprees.  All food donations will go to Good Samaritan.  The drawing will be at 7:00 p.m. on Friday, February 26, 2010.  Cash donations will also be accepted.

    This week should hold special meaning for most Americans. Gordon said, “Although we are concerned that some Americans cannot afford to buy the food they need, we are proud of the role Texas farmers play in producing the most affordable food in the world.”