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Good deeds and hamburgers

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By Robin Scott

    Most people can recall an image of a young boy helping a little old lady across the street.  The young boy wearing a tan shirt with a gold neckerchief held around his neck by a slide in the shape of a wolf or bear, and the little old lady, leaning on a cane in one hand and her other looped through the young man’s arm.  The Boy Scouts do much more than assist those in need.  They also get involved in community events and fundraisers. 

    Troop members with the Boy Scouts of America served a hamburger and bratwurst dinner to area residents on Saturday, February 20th.  The annual fundraising event got underway at 6:00 p.m. at the Rita Blanca Coliseum.  Hundreds of people poured into the Coliseum, and by the time the event began, the room was already filled with happy guests with big appetites.  The troop members were all involved in greeting and serving, and they even managed to get in a good deed or two as well.

    What a terrific excuse to close the kitchen and get away from the house for an hour or two.  Young members of the Boy Scouts scurried about between the “dine-in” and “dine-out” lines, with food and drink.  Patrons who enjoyed a hamburger or bratwurst or both with all of the trimmings left full.  The dessert tables were an exceptionally popular stop for guests who had a choice of everything from brownies to carrot cake.    

    The fundraiser could not have been as successful without the help from parents who cooked, served and cleaned.  The brave cooks who were outside with the grills were commended by everyone who was able to get warm inside.  The parents and friends of the Boy Scouts are a key reason the event is such a success annually.  Their dedication to the program and to their sons’ and neighbors’ activities, truly make each event worthwhile and triumphant.  

    Lee Thetford noted, “We have a great turnout.  This may be the most people we’ve ever had.”  Young Thetford earned his Eagle Scout last year and has become a mentor to younger scouts.  His enthusiasm is contagious, and his loyalty to scouting remarkable. Karlyle Haaland commented, “Boy Scout Troop 101 had the biggest turnout ever, with over 700 tickets sold and over 400 people served, at their annual hamburger and brat fundraising cookout.”

    Haaland also noted, “It was a cold and snowy night for the big cookout, but the Boy Scouts had a great time and appreciate the wonderful support from the community, including all who helped and donated items to make this possible.  The money raised helps the Scouts with expenses on their camp outs. They usually go on five to seven camp outs a year.  One of them is a polar bear camp out, usually in January, to give them a chance to prove their ability to handle the cold.  This year they happened to camp out on one of the coldest days of the year for our area at the Canadian River on January 9th with a low of 1 degree Fahrenheit. Most of the money raised goes toward their big summer trip though.  Last year they scaled one of the 14,000 foot mountains of Colorado, Handies Peak.  The Scouts learn a lot about perseverance, organization, being prepared, overcoming obstacles, as well as helping and working with others.”

    From beginning to end, the entire dinner was a pleasant event and a great way to get in from the cold and enjoy a meal and conversation with friends, family and even strangers.  One woman noted, “We moved here from a really small town in Kansas, where you

would expect people to be friendly, and they were.  But nothing is like the friendliness of the people of Dalhart, and this dinner is evidence of how nice everyone is to each other.”

    Boy Scouts, Dalhart and hamburgers and bratwurst, what an awesome combination.

    If you know a boy that might be interested in joining the Scouts, please contact one of the Scouts or call Karlyle Haaland at 333-2299.



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