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Kelso takes championship in Pinewood Derby

Posted by: tdt -

    On December 5, 2009, the local Cub Scout group Pack 46 held their local Pinewood Derby. This is one of the annual events that the Cub Scouts do.  They receive their derby kits in November, which consists of a block of wood, tires and axles.  Along with these items, their talent and help of parents, they create a car. The day of the race, the cars are weighed in, the car has to be 5oz. or less. Two boys set their cars on the track and the race begins.  The first one to the finish line wins. Lots of fun for young and old, the excitement of seeing which car will make it first.

    This year there were a lot of fast cars and close races. Everyone really had a great time building and racing. There were about 41 boys that competed in the race.  There was even a race for the Mommas and Daddies.  

    In scouts, 1st graders are Tigers, 2nd graders are Wolves, 3rd graders are Bears, 4th graders are Webelos 1, and 5th graders are Webelos 2.  Trophies were handed out were donated by Dettle Feedyard.  The local Boy Scouts Troop 101 were the judges this year for the derby, they looked over all the cars and chose the one that was their favorite design. Seth Turpin, 2nd year Webelo, won judges’ choice.  Caleb Ferguson, 1st year Webelo, won scouts’ choice and best overall design.  Dylan Saavedra, Wolf, won most original design.

    In the races for the Tiger group: 1st place went to Michael Leal, 2nd place went to Ethan Wilkerson, and 3rd place went to Alex Rodriguez; in the Wolf group: 1st place went to Ryan Wood, 2nd place went to David Hernandez, and 3rd place went to Louis Acala;

in the Bear group: 1st place went to Parker Dettle, 2nd place went to Ryan Bornemeir, and 3rd place went to Jorge Rodriguez; in Webelos 1 and 2: 1st place went to Michael Kelso, 2nd place went to J.J. Brown, and 3rd place went to Seth Turpin.  Fastest Momma was Monica Cruz and Fastest Daddy was Jorge Rodriguez.

    The final four boys to race for championship were Tiger Michael Leal, Wolf Ryan Wood, Bear Parker Dettle and Webelo 2 Michael Kelso. The times were very close, but there can be only one Pinewood Derby Grand Champion, and the winner is Michael Kelso.

    The leaders of Pack 46 would like to express their appreciation to all of the parents that helped out with the derby, Dalhart Junior High for the use of the school, United Supermarket for donating food for the derby, Dettle Feedyard for the trophies, and Troop 101 for judging. It could not be possible without the help of our sponsors, parents and the community.