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Meet the candidates

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Hartley County Commission Precinct 4
incumbent Robert “Butch” Owens

By Robin Scott

    Robert “Butch” Owens first took the oath of office for Hartley County Commissioner in January 2003.  In the past seven years serving as Commissioner he noted, “I have learned that serving the citizens is a team effort with the other elected officials of Hartley County.”  He also stated that having the discernment to work with the other elected officials and county employees “is a must.” 

    The office of County Commissioner encompasses many responsibilities.  Owens noted, “Managing the county budget to sufficiently cover the costs for each office is one of the most important jobs a Commissioner does.”  During his tenure, the construction of the Dallam/Hartley jail was completed and was a joint venture that, according to Owens, “saved the taxpayers money.”  

    County Commissioners are required to attend 16 hours of continuing education each year.  He has also received 63 of the 64 hours required to complete his Advanced Curriculum Education.  He will finish during 2010.  The ACE classes are in-depth training for Commissioners and Owens noted, “They further help me understand the complex issues that each department faces in their day to day duties.”  One of Owens’ passions is seeing that county roads are maintained.  He stated, “Carl Sisco, blade man, is one of the best in my eyes.”  

    Butch married Christine in 1979.  They moved to Dalhart in 1982 from Greensburg, Indiana.  They farmed until 1999.  The Owens family is active members of First Baptist Church in Dalhart.  For the past 10 years, Owens has owned and operated Robert Owens Trucking.  Christine has worked for Capital Farm Credit as an Office Administrator for the past three years.  

    The couple celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary in September, 2009.  They have two daughters, Natalie and Chelsea.  Natalie lives in San Francisco and is involved with stem cell research.  Chelsea is a social worker for the Bair Foundation and lives in Amarillo.  The couple has a brand new grandson.  Owens noted, “We are very proud of our three-week old grandson.  He gets all the attention and is spoiled by his ‘Paw-Paw Butch.’”

    The experience that Owens has as County Commissioner enables him to continue serving.  He noted, “The position requires experience and dedication, and I feel I have both of those.”  He added, “I truly enjoy the opportunity to serve and taking on the challenges the office provides.”  He noted that he appreciates the support of the community and encourages voters to get out and vote in the March 2nd primary.