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Jotting Judi

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Warm Fuzzy February!

    February is “home” to St. Valentines Day; the day when “hearts” turn toward fiery friendships in our lives that give us a “warm fuzzy” feeling.  There are those who think big, rent billboards, go to “Jared’s,” or buy time on a radio station to surprise that “special someone” in their life.  Companies like Hallmark Cards and Russell Stover love the month of February!  Chocolate in abundance; who can beat that?

    My heart was drawn recently to the incredible story in the Bible about four friends who went to great lengths to create a “special day” for their paraplegic friend.  They came, carrying him on a bed. Their plan was to lay him before Jesus to be healed. These guys were bold, creative, and persistent; they possessed great faith.  They arrived at the house where Jesus was teaching to an “over capacity” crowd and they couldn’t get close.

    Men made of lesser stuff would have given up and told their friend, “Forget it, maybe some other day.”  Not these four! They were persistent! I can see them now as their creative wheels began to roll!  Somehow, they lifted their “bedridden buddy” up to the top of the house, removed the tiles and let him down—right in front of Jesus.  What boldness!

    The guy on the bed displayed amazing faith. First, he had faith in his four friends and their mission. I mean, he was paralyzed; at their mercy.  He trusted them to hoist him to the roof top.  Second, he had faith that at the feet of Jesus he would be healed.  And, it worked!  Can you picture it?  Jesus spoke the word and the previously paralyzed man stood up, rolled up his bed and went home, whole, while four elated friends peered down through a hole in the roof!  Talk about “a warm fuzzy feeling!”

    Saturday morning in our women’s gathering at church we celebrated “love.”  We fellowshipped around God’s Word, sampled delightful pastries, worked together on a quilt, and laughed a lot as we created dainty hearts to take home as a reminder of the day. (I took the time to make two.) We sang a song about love and “passing it on” to those around us.  After all, showing loving kindness is free!

    At home, I hung both hearts on a cabinet door.  Seeing them there warms my heart even when the cold dreariness of winter tries to steal the warmth!  When I woke up at 1:30 a.m. with Jotting Judi on my mind, I passed the “heart reminders” on my way to my computer desk.  Today, one little heart will find a new home. I hope it will “warm the heart” of the shut-in person I deliver it to.  

    Love is in the air.  Be bold, creative, and persistent; step out in faith and share yours this month.

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