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Romance, Roses and Rendezvous

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By Robin Scott

    Every year area residents have an opportunity to share some of their precious memories of their loved ones as a Valentine to that special someone.  No one knows who they are from or to, except the author and the recipient.  Stories of love, disappointment, triumph and fond memories are shared here.  Enjoy!

No Valentine for my Valentine

    “The most memorable Valentine’s Day I’ve ever had was nine years ago.  My fiancé sent me out of the house so that she could prepare a Valentine’s surprise dinner for us, and she wanted to decorate the house too.  Thirty minutes later, I received a phone call from her letting me know that she was in the emergency room.  I thought it was a prank, but she finally convinced me to go the ER, which I did reluctantly.  When I got to the ER, my fiancé really was there with an open cut on the side of her face.  While she was getting ready for our Valentine’s evening her knee fell out from under her while carrying Valentine’s goodies in from the car.  She had hit something sharp on the screen door causing the gash to her face.  We spent the next three hours in the ER, not for my fiancé’s care, but because she refused treatment of her injuries until a little baby in the ER next to us was taken care of.  The baby was very ill with respiratory problems, and my fiancé insisted on waiting until that baby pulled through, which it did.  We ended up not having any Valentine’s Day celebration, but I knew that I had found someone very special and now she’s my lovely wife.”  

Special flowers

    “Each year for our anniversary my husband sends me a bouquet of flowers that includes the number of roses or carnations for the number of years we have been married.  He also adds a different colored rose or carnation for the number of children we have.”

$20,000 roses

    “My husband and I celebrated our first Valentine’s Day together in 2004.  My husband went all out for me and wanted to send me some flowers.  He was in Dumas at the time and decided to go down to Main Street.  For the first time ever in his life, he bought me flowers.  He paid for the flowers with his debit card and it totaled twenty dollars.  When my flowers arrived I was elated, but to my husband’s horror, the amount charged to his debit card was wrong.  The salesclerk at the flower shop failed to tell my husband that they were experiencing an odd problem with the credit card machine.  For some reason the zero key was sticking.   My husband nearly had a heart attack when he found out that those beautiful flowers were a little more than twenty dollars, they were twenty thousand dollars!  The bank called nonstop to let my husband know that it was not an appropriate charge for a debit card.  My husband was so embarrassed, but I loved those flowers even though they were just twenty dollars, or twenty thousand dollars.”  

Love at First Sight

    “I met my husband during Christmas school break in 1970. My best friend was dating a guy from Hartley, and she asked me to go with her to a basketball game in Hartley.  When we walked in, I saw this guy sitting in the stands next to her boyfriend, and although I had never met him, I said, ‘I’m going to marry that boy.’  We were introduced that night and began dating each other in the spring of 1971.  We have been married for 36 years, have three beautiful daughters, and nine wonderful grandchildren.  Life has been awesome, and I love my husband so very much.  I believe the old saying is true; it was ‘love at first sight.’  It really does happen.  What was funny was that my best friend that took me to the game that night is now my cousin by marriage because she married that guy we went to watch play basketball that night.”

My mother was a war bride

    “During World War II my father was a member of General MacArthur’s Communication Corps.  He was sent to Brisbane, Australia by the U. S. Army to protect the country against a potential Japanese invasion.  My parents met at the U.S.O., where my mother worked as a waitress.  They fell in love and married.  When my father was discharged from the Army, they returned to his home in Dalhart.  She never saw her family again, except for her sister, Eddie (Edith), who visited once in the 1970’s.  She gave up her whole life and all she knew for my father, and they were very happy together.  Like many foreign women, she was a war bride.  She always reminded me of the story of Ruth in the Bible.  Ruth also gave up her entire family and everything she knew for her husband.  One of the happiest days of my mother’s life was when she became a Naturalized U.S. Citizen.  I miss her dearly.  She inspired me to travel the world and accomplish many things.  She has been gone now since 1991, but I always feel she continues to watch over me from above.”

A perfect proposal

    “My husband and I met and fell in love in late 1996. We were inseparable immediately.  We did everything together, whether it was going shopping at Wal-Mart or having lunch together during our busy workdays.  In October 1997, we decided to take a trip to Washington D.C.  We were very excited about the entire trip.  We enjoyed the trains, subway, and all of the museums of the Smithsonian Institute.  We went to the Library of Congress and got library cards.  We ate Ben and Jerry’s ice cream sandwiches at the Mall.  We had so much fun.  I was in law school back then, and my husband came up with a wonderful way to propose to me.  We were walking all over D.C. when he said, ‘Hey, let’s stop here.’  We were in front of the United States Supreme Court.  My heart skipped a beat because the Justices on the Court were like idols in my second year law school mind.  We climbed the majestic stairs to enter the building.  My husband stopped and said, ‘Let’s stop here for just a moment.’  We were about half way up.  We turned back to look at the beautiful city.  Then, when I turned and caught my husband’s eyes with mine, he was grinning from ear to ear.  He said, ‘Baby, will you marry me?’  I began to cry.  We both cried. I couldn’t imagine a more perfect marriage proposal from a man I loved so much.  I love him more today than ever, and I pray every day that our lives will be blessed.  Someday, I want to return to the steps of the United States Supreme Court to experience that moment together again.” 

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