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Council passes no right turn ordinance

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By Warren Slaughter

Special to the Texan

    The Dalhart City Council met in a whirlwind session on Tuesday, February 9. Council members passed two ordinances and set a date and time to call for bids all in the space of about 21 minutes.

    The council approved Ordinance 2010-01, which calls for a city-wide election on May 8. They also approved Ordinance 2010-02. This ordinance will make right turns on red illegal at the intersection of Texas Blvd. and Tennessee Blvd. when the school zone lights are flashing.

    Bids to paint the water towers at the airport and on 12th Street will be accepted. The bids will be opened on February 23 at 3:00 p.m.

    Council members then received comments from city employees and the public. City Manager Greg Duggan praised the work of public works employees, police, and fire fighters in dealing with the winter storm that dumped over a foot of snow on Dalhart about two weeks ago. Also, residents who are able to do so are encouraged to bring their downed tree limbs to the lot near the city garage for disposal. If residents elect to place the branches in the alleys, they should make sure that they do not block the way for garbage trucks and other utility vehicles that have to use the alleys.

    The large numbers of broken tree branches were due to a very heavy wet snow that the area received last week.