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Care packages for those in harm's way

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By Robin Scott

    Many residents of the Dalhart area are currently deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq.  The brave young men and women who are halfway around the world are in large part why Americans experience great freedom.  Several United States military members have found themselves deployed overseas more than once.  An effort to show them the support of their hometown continues, and a request for assistance goes out to everyone who has the benefit of staying here at home.

    The first request is for anyone who has a family member, relative or friend who is currently deployed to Afghanistan or Iraq to make sure that the service member is on the list to receive care packages and letters.  The second request is for donations that may be included in care packages.  According to Sherrie Doyle, who spearheads the endeavor, “These young soldiers appreciate whatever we can send to them.  It could be a ball point pen or a package of gum.”

    Getting to the “store” is difficult if not impossible for soldiers overseas.  They rely upon the folks from home to keep them supplied with life’s basic necessities, such as shaving cream, socks with no holes and deodorant.  Doyle noted, “I get different things to add to the packages, so we never know what they are going to contain.  It’s all useful, and we send everything we receive.”

    It’s nearly unimaginable for any person to spend months on end working without a meaningful break, vacation or holiday, but the soldiers in war zones somehow manage.  In return, they have sent things such as American flags back to Dalhart, photographs and stories of how their care packages have touched their lives and the lives of their fellow soldiers.  The Elk’s Lodge #2390 in Dalhart keeps up with every soldier that sends a letter, photograph or other item chronicling their time overseas.  Doyle stated, “We welcome anyone to come by and see the boards we have put together that honors these soldiers.”

    Soon, care packages will begin making their way from Dalhart to Afghanistan and Iraq.  Soldiers recently changed deployments and many have returned, and many are just now making the trip.  Doyle asks that area residents not accidentally overlook even one single hero.  Please help with this project by notifying Doyle of any U.S. service member deployed in a war zone.  Please also help fill the care packages to overflowing with much-needed items and perhaps even a few luxury items such as a personal letter, photograph or special item.

    To contact Sherrie Doyle call 244-5415 or 244-8350.  Everything received by a service member overseas is greatly appreciated.