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Weather systems continue

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By Robin Scott

    The year 2010 may go down as the winter of stormy weather for the Dallam and Hartley Counties area.  The first snowfall of the winter season came just after Christmas and was light enough to be called pleasant. It added that special something for the Holiday Season.  The second major system hit the area in late January and caused many closures for area businesses and schools, but everyone remained a bit light-hearted and enjoyed a couple of days away from regular routines.  The third bout with snow knocked branches off of nearly every tree in town, and by then any desire for snowfall was gone.  

    By the time news arrived that more snow was likely on the way residents were exhausted from shoveling, plowing and slipping on snow.  The piles of snow in the streets have gotten so bad that drainage has been greatly impeded and large ice ponds have built up at many intersections creating its own type of hazard.  More snow in the forecast is no longer exciting news.

    What had been promised to be a sunny and clear Super Bowl Sunday gave way to a wintry mix of freezing rain and snow, and Monday morning’s low temperature dropped to single digits.   A 70 percent chance of snow for Monday has caused more struggles with where to put the snow.  Dalhart looks a bit like a war zone with fallen trees everywhere and snow piled high in parking lots, street corners and yards as if to barricade from the next barrage of winter’s wrath.

    The high temperatures for the latter part of the week hold promise for some thawing out during late afternoon.  In an area where the amount of snowfall is generally minimal and short-lived and vast amounts of snow removal implements are not in the budget, residents must grin and bear it for the most part.  Fortunately, the area hasn’t received 32 inches of snow in a two-day period as in the northeast where snow removal is a science rather than an inconvenience.

    When Rita Blanca Rocky saw his shadow on Groundhog Day, he wasn’t kidding.  Six more weeks of winter with more snow possible has everyone a little down in the dumps.  Even those who enjoy the snow are feeling like enough is enough.  Knowing that contending with inclement weather continues is a great time to remind everyone to stay off of the roadways as much as possible during the worst part of the storms.  Residents are reminded not to plow snow from driveways and parking lots leaving snow to pile up in the streets, but make piles in yards and parking lots so that when the snow does begin to melt, the water will have a pathway to travel.  A final important request, remain as patient as possible while the city’s already overworked city employees continue to clear away as much snow and debris as possible.



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