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Jotting Judi

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Romancing the Bean

    Nothing has “perked” the interest of my readers more than my recent jottings on coffee.  Apparently, it has caused quite a “stir.”

    Suddenly, messages have been arriving by phone, fax and face-to-face encounters on the street.  I even had a discussion on my return flight home from Houston on Saturday about coffee.  The lady shared with me that the best coffee she has found is Dunkin Donuts brand.  Since I’ve never tried that blend, I will make it the next coffee to tantalize my taste buds.

    I traveled this past week from Dalhart to Ft. Worth where I spent a long day in a planning session for District Church business.  After that I caught a ride to Lewisville where I was met by my daughter, Amber, and the grandchildren. We spent a delightful evening together and soon I fell into bed.  I slept like a rock and woke up “smelling coffee.”  This is exciting because Amber is a Diet Coke drinker and coffee is NOT her forte!  All the same, she brewed a “cup of love” for mom.  We slipped in a delightful shopping trip and lunch with my oldest grandson, Michael.

    The next leg of my journey found Amber depositing me at a Target on Central Expressway! (This caused her great concern!) I had decided to travel on to Houston to spend a few days with another daughter, Ańdrea.  Being resourceful, Ańdrea had located a friend coming to Houston and placed the two of us together as traveling companions. Nancy, who has known my daughter for several years, was excited to meet me.  I was thrilled to share the journey with her, learning about her experiences in Africa as a missionary kid.  About half-way there, we stopped for a break at an interesting BBQ Smokehouse.  It was difficult to tell which was more tantalizing; the smell of BBQ or the tantalizing aroma of the coffee.  I was ready to sample both!

    By the time we arrived at Ańdrea’s home, we were soul mates; a plan that Ańdrea had formulated in first suggesting the rendezvous.  Facebook messages will be rapidly flying between her page and mine.  

    I spent several days exploring unique, out-of-the-way, shops in Houston with Ańdrea. Each adventure led us to another experience romancing the bean!  To wrap it all up, she hosted a dinner party on Friday night attended by her cousin, Mimi, visiting Houston from Idaho.  (An adventure saved for a future jotting!)

    I arrived home, rested. My cup is running over with experiences that will stir up fragrant memories for years to come.  I delighted in the winter wonderland that blanketed the Panhandle during my absence.

    Staring out my window this morning I, observe the frosty glaze hanging on the trees crying out, “baby its cold outside!”  Inside, I sip my Peppermint Twist Java, warmed not only by the coffee and our warm fire, but by the presence of the love of Jesus.  It was He, not chance, who accompanied me on my journey, appointing every step.  It was He who seated me beside the “young in years, wise in wisdom” Pastor on the flight to Dallas and the Christian business woman on the way home, enabling me to share with them on “common grounds!”   

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