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A bottle's worth of change

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By Robin Scott

Each time a person uses the drive-thru lane at a fast food restaurant, or stops into a convenience store for a soda or bag of chips, or darts in and out of the grocery store for an item or two, they get a handful of change.  Most people have a place, either in their car or somewhere in the house, where they plop all of that “unwanted” change.  A jar on the dresser, a cup in the car, or maybe a piggy bank on a dusty shelf in a closet all are potential sources for giving.

This year is the second year and opportunity for area residents to give up that change and perhaps make a change in the process.  The Dalhart Pregnancy Resource Center is passing out baby bottles with a request that all of that extra change be donated to the center.  Keeping the baby bottle in the car or next to the change jar at home may ensure that some of the change makes its way to the center during the month of February.

The campaign began on Sunday, January 24th, the “Sanctity of Life Sunday.”  All of the money collected will remain in Dalhart to assist men and women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy.  The DPRC is dedicated to saving all human life and their organization offers a variety of assistance and options to the people that seek their services.  Their goal is to “Make a difference in these babies’ lives, one heart at a time.”

Donations don’t have to be limited to the change that accumulates during the course of a normal day.  Check under the seats of the family van or under the cushions of the sofa in the living room in an effort to make this year’s fundraising effort even more successful than last years.  Approximately 650 baby bottles have been given out in the area.  Help make sure that they go back to the center full.  And if so inclined, stuff a couple of bills into the bottle or consider a larger donation via a check or other gift to the center.

For more information about the Dalhart Pregnancy Resource Center contact Julie Grant at 244-1783.  Bottles filled with change may be returned to the DPRC or through the various churches and organizations that dispersed the bottles.

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