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No complaints

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By Robin Scott

     Jessica Barth has fit right into the Dalhart community.  Having been raised in another small Texas town of Quinlan in East Texas, Barth has enjoyed what small town life offers.  One thing Dalhart offered Barth was the opportunity to intern at High Country Rural Health Clinic under the supervision of Bruce Schubert.

    Barth is an only child and considers her parents as her best friends and personal cheerleaders.  She noted, “My family is the one constant I have in my life and I am blessed to be able to experience that.  I would not be where I am currently without them.”

    As a 2002 high school graduate, Barth finished number four in her class of 186.  She began community college soon after graduation then transferred to Texas Women’s University in Denton, Texas.  She stated, “I majored in Biology with a minor in Chemistry and I got involved in the Tri-Beta biological society while at TWC.”  Barth enjoyed her time with the group, and noted, “We did a lot of work with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, which consisted of fundraising projects and volunteering time to hand out water and cheer on runners at the White Rock lake Marathon.”  Barth added, “I loved that every year.”

    While earning her undergraduate degree at TWC, Barth worked as a Veterinary Technician and taught aerobic classes about three to four days each week.  She also enjoyed giving her time to a local Retirement facility.  She stated, “I did everything from reading the paper to residents, taking them for a stroll outside to playing bingo and painting finger nails.”  Even at her young age she learned, “It is amazing the life lessons you can learn from those more experienced than you.”

    Barth graduated Cum Laude from TWC in December 2006, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology.  She proclaimed, “Yes I admit myself to being a little bit of a nerd and am very proud of it.”  Not knowing exactly what she wanted to do after graduating, Barth continued teaching aerobics and worked in a pre-school.  She felt that teaching may be what she wanted to do, “When I grow up,” she noted.    But as wonderful as her classroom full of three year olds were, she truly loved medicine.  She stated, “Medicine was what I had done as a Veterinary Tech for four and a half years and I knew I didn’t want to practice on animals because I could not get the same connection as I could with people.”

    That decision changed Barth’s life.  She looked into becoming a Physician Assistant and has not veered from that course since.  She noted, “I would not change my decision for anything.”  This August Barth will graduate from Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center.  She has many options open on where she’ll practice as a PA.  She stated, “It is so nice to be able to keep my options open.”

    Many people often ask Barth why she planned to become a PA rather than go onto medical school.  She stated, “Because of the communication with people.  Doctor’s are wonderful, but becoming a PA will keep me more at an even level with patients.  PA’s are more like translators.  They communicate on a more average level with patients where as many MD’s are so intelligent they often forget the smaller words.”

    Barth is also interested in a role as a PA because the majority of PA’s practice in the Family Medical/General settings.  She noted, “I really enjoy Family medicine because of the diversity of patients and problems.  Specializing in any one field in medicine I don’t see myself doing at this time, I really enjoy being a generalist, but of course life changes with time.”

    Living in Dalhart has been enjoyable for Barth.  I have been living in the hospital’s house.  She stated, “Everyone that I have met here in Dalhart has been so kind and so easy to converse with.  Also working with Bruce and the staff of High Country Rural Health Clinic has been a blessing.  They have all taught me so much and it is going to be difficult to leave such a wonderful group.’

    The benefits Barth has received from her internship are invaluable.  She noted, “I tell Bruce almost daily that my brain hurts at the end of the day with everything he teaches me, but I would not change it.  I just hope I have been as much of a help to him and the staff as they have been to me.”  She’ll be back in May for her surgical rotation and stated, “I have no complaints to return at all.”

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