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Dalhart City Council amends nuisance ordinance

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By Warren Slaughter, Special to the Texan


With several local citizens in attendance at the Tuesday, April 28 City Council Meeting, Council members voted to enact an amendment to the City Code that deals with nuisances. A major component of the amendment is that blowing dust can now be considered a nuisance.

Several residents from various parts of town where blowing dust, dirt and sand are concerns spoke at the meeting.

"It’s a health hazard," one resident from Sagebrush said, noting that she literally has a sand dune in her backyard.

Another resident from Sagebrush said he cannot open his back gate because of the dirt that has drifted up against his fence.

Sagebrush is especially hard hit by the blowing dirt due to a privately owned rodeo area that is located nearby. The ground is plowed up and there is no type of groundcover to keep the wind from eroding the soil away from the location.

Other areas where blowing dust is a problem are the north side and east side of Dalhart.

The amendment will give the city’s code enforcement department one more tool to combat blowing dust complaints being made by citizens. This section of Dalhart’s city code has not been updated since 1949.

This year has been particularly dry and windy. Mayor Kevin Caddell noted that he has never received as many complaints about blowing dust as he has this year.

Mayor Caddell began the meeting by signing a proclamation declaring the month of May as Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Month.

Council members approved monetary awards from the city’s Community Development Fund as recommended by the Community Development Fund Committee. Funds were awarded to various organizations as follows: Dalhart Chamber of Commerce, $22,050.00 for 4th of July Celebration, Fiddlers’ Contest, Downtown Block Party, Halloween Carnival and Christmas Events; Keep Dalhart Beautiful, $1,150.00; Petal Pushers, $500; XIT Rangers, $1,700 for Community Easter Egg Hunt and Veterans’ Day Parade; Dalhart Community Education Program, $5,000; XIT Rodeo & Reunion, $4,600 for XIT Parade and repairing concession trailers.

The council voted to call for bids on a track loader to be used at the landfill. The bids will be opened on May 11 at 10:00 a.m.

The first reading of an ordinance to change the zoning from R-3 to Commercial for property in North Dalhart was approved by the Council. The second reading will be conducted next month.

Councilman Jim Chandler was nominated to fill a vacancy on the Dallam County Appraisal District Board, and the investment report as presented by City Finance Officer Annette Melius was approved.

City Manager Greg Duggan reported that sales tax receipts for the city were up 21% from last year.

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