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City of Dalhart changes utility billing system

Posted by: tdt -

    The City of Dalhart, Utility Department, is currently in the process of changing the Utility Billing Software. This conversion process started several months ago and other accounting software has already been changed. Converting the Utility Billing will be the last step in converting to a different computer system.

    Although City Staff does not anticipate any problems or delays in printing the next billing cycle, software conversions of this size can create unexpected issues that need to be worked through. The City appreciates your patience and understanding.

    Please be aware that your utility bill will look slightly different than in the past. You will still receive the white bill card, but the information will be arranged differently. The perforated tear-line will be horizontal, and not vertical as in the past. This may help with proper mail delivery as well, since the automated sorting equipment used by the Postal Service puts a lot of pressure on the tear strip and in the past the bill cards have been separated by the equipment. Hopefully this will no longer happen with the horizontal perforation.

    Delinquent bills were mailed on pink colored cards in the past. In the future, these bills will be on white card stock and will show in large print that it is a delinquent bill.

    Please feel free to contact City Hall at 244-5511, 205 Rock Island, if you have any questions about the new bill cards.