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Jotting Judy

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 What’s Brewing?

Waking up to the smell of coffee gives me great satisfaction.  Nothing will get me out of bed quicker than knowing the coffee is done.  Just pushing a few buttons before going to bed at night assures me the amazing coffee machine will “do its thing” and at precisely 5:30 a.m. the coffee will brew.  Guests in my home are welcome to “pick a mug” and enjoy that first cup while sleepy ones arrive in time for the second pot.
Gone are the days of coffee brewing on the stove. Grandma would watch the little glass bubble thing on the top and turn it off when the coffee reached the color of perfection.  Grandpa would exclaim, “That’s good coffee, Edith.”  My mom would wait patiently beside her old percolator. She seemed to know exactly how long it would take until the little red light would appear.  
I recently watched an old western; complete with a long cattle drive.  The drivers talked, laughed and sang until the last drop of coffee was drained from the old enamel pot.  They turned in knowing that at first light the smell of fresh coffee would “hit the spot” and prepare them for the day.  
As I reflected on old and new versions of “serving up coffee,” I focused on a common thread woven in each offering; comfort. I remembered back to times in Dallas when a friend and I would meet for coffee at Starbucks.  We settled in to comfy chairs, and before we knew it hours had passed. We would leave only after solving the problems at hand; certain we could conquer the world!
I thought about speaking recently at a women’s retreat. After staying up VERY late, I stumbled out, early in the morning, and jokingly said, “Whose turn is it to get the coffee?” Everyone laughed.  Someone, wanting to “satisfy” my craving, drove to the nearest Starbucks and returned beaming, with steaming, hot Java!  She made my day!
Mountains move and problems melt away when time is spent with a special friend; especially if you add coffee!  I love it when the phone rings and the voice begins, “Do you have time for coffee?”  Do I have time for coffee?  I’m wired to drop what I’m doing and have coffee; anytime! After all, retirement is just one long, extended coffee break…I have time!


10 Signs of a Coffee Lover

By Judi Wiegman

1.You named your new puppy Espresso
2.You hope they bottle coffee aroma perfume soon
3.You’ll only live on Latte Lane
4.Your dream vacation is to visit a coffee plantation
5.You have all your coffee cups featured on Facebook
6.Your Blog is called “Good to the last Drop”
7.Your wardrobe is all Mocha
8.Your searching for a pickup with an extra large coffee holder
9.You only date guys named “Joe”
10.You list your blood type as Maxwell House

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