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There’s a new lawyer in town

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    Just about everyone in Dalhart has already met Robin Scott, writer and columnist for the Dalhart Texan.  Scott has been writing for the newspaper since November 2008.  Her weekly column, “Ask the Lawyer,” has gained in popularity.  Scott is also frequently the writer for feature articles on the front page of the Dalhart Texan.  She’s not exactly new to Dalhart anymore, but beginning a new endeavor.

    Before coming to Dalhart in April 2008, Scott ran a successful private law practice in Houston and Spring, Texas.  She noted, “I focused mainly on family law cases.  I had been a family law paralegal for several years before entering law school, and it just made sense to stick with what I knew and was comfortable with.”

    Moving to Dalhart was a “retirement” move for Robin and she noted, “It was a difficult decision to close my law practice, but in the long run, it was the best decision for me and my family.”  She added, “Circumstances in my life here in Dalhart have changed, and it is prudent for me to open a law practice here now.”  Coming “out of retirement” to practice law in Dalhart has another big decision, according to Scott.  She noted, “I’ve become so fond of the people in the area and on most days I describe myself as ‘Dalhart’s cheerleader.’  That’s been largely due to my experiences writing for the Texan, and I want to continue in that.”

    Scott stated she believes she will fit well within the Dalhart area legal community.  She commented, “I think our community will enjoy having another female attorney and a fresh set of eyes.”  She plans to continue with her family law practice, but added, “I’ve written hundreds of Wills and handled numerous probate cases.  I’ve also handled civil law suits, managed corporate business for companies and truly enjoyed cases in the Justice of the Peace Courts.”  

    Readers of the Dalhart Texan who have enjoyed reading articles written by Scott or reading her weekly column need not worry, as Scott stated, “I’ve discovered my true passion since moving to Dalhart and that’s writing.  I was so happy to write, and only write, so I plan to continue with my writing duties at the Texan and making community events and meetings.”  She added, “I enjoy attending the school board meetings so much, more than I ever expected.  I plan to continue to attend those meetings as well and writing articles about what’s going on with DISD.”

    Scott is a current board member for the Chamber of Commerce and the Second Vice President on the board of directors for the XIT Museum.  She is a past board member for Open Arms Therapy.  She has recently been the guest speaker for the Rotary and Lyons Clubs, taught for Community Connect and has two upcoming classes with Community Connect.  She stated, “I’ll be teaching a beginner course for Facebook, followed by a more advanced course.  I’ll also be heading a ladies’ forum through Community Connect that I am very excited about.”  While in the Houston area, Scott was a board member for Curriculum Development at San Jacinto College where she also taught for five years in Legal Studies, and a member of Curriculum Development for the Wunche High School for Spring ISD.  

    When asked about her plans for her law practice, Scott noted, “I used to regularly work 16-hour days, and I am hoping not to do that anymore.  I’d like to keep it simple, and work from my new home on Rock Island.  I recently bought the former Seventh Day Adventist Church at the corner of 10th and Rock Island, and there is plenty of room for an office.  I get a kick out of saying that I live in a church.”  She added, “In Dalhart I anticipate that my law practice will be more diverse than just family law, but I also see the need for a family law attorney here.”

    In a town of more than 7,000 people, Scott is confident that adding another attorney will benefit the community.  She stated, “All of us lawyers are different, with different ways to tackle a legal problem, and with different ‘bedside manners.’ Most people think that lawyers involved in a case should hate one another, but I’ve always felt that clients are far better off when the lawyers work well together, have mutual respect for each other and consider one another friends.  The trust relationship that the lawyers have with each other leads to better settlements for parties and stimulates a high degree of ethics.”

    When asked about her fees and billing, Scott concluded, “My fees will be competitive with the rest of the legal community in Dalhart and commensurate with my legal experience.  I do charge a consultation fee because it commits the client to their case and my time, but my fee has always been nominal and deducted from any retainer paid to me.  I’m also a proud member of the College of Pro Bono Attorneys, and I often reduce or waive my fees depending upon the case and circumstances.  I’ve always been eager to give up some billable time for a good cause or good case.”

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