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Jotting Judi

Posted by: tdt -

The best part of waking up…!

    I love coffee!  Perhaps it all began waking up in the big soft bed in my grandparents’ house on the farm. Long before dawn, the smell of fresh coffee would waft up the stairs, and I knew grandpa was enjoying a cup of coffee before heading out for morning chores.  Back then, it was the smell, not the taste, that intrigued me.

    I have enjoyed wrapping my hands around mugs and cups of delightful coffee for many years now; begging for a second cup or letting one set idle on the table if the taste is second rate!

    While putting away the Christmas mugs last week, my husband stated, “Why do you have so many mugs? You only need two or three; one clean, one dirty and one extra.”  

    Au contraire, contraire!  My choice of a mug depends on the season and my mood of the day! Some mugs recall special moments that create a “warm, secure feeling,” another might reflect wishing to be with the person who gave it to me. One coffee, Wild Huckleberry sent from Oregon, deserves a delicate, China cup. (Since hubby doesn’t drink coffee, he can’t possibly understand this female rationale.)   

    There is so much to learn on the road to “romancing the bean.” I love unique names for coffee shops such as Java Coast, Enchanted Grounds, A Cup of Joe, and Daily Grind; just to name a few. Then, comes the smorgasbord of coffee names such as; Sinful Sundae, Smores, Peppermint Twist, Blueberry Buckle, Café Carmel, and Vermont Maple.  Added to that, are the blends and the trio of roasts; light, medium or dark.

    So what’s the point?  Glad you asked!  Coffee “containers,” flavors, blends and roasts all remind me of the friends and family around us; each different, each unique.  Some, like the fragile China teacup, need more care while the plain “no frills” mug manages all alone.  Some get packed away for a “season,” some become favorites; others get tossed after one use.  

    Over the next few weeks we will explore, together, the similarities of people, coffee and mugs.  Enjoy!  For now, remember this: science has finally realized what women have known for a long time; coffee is good for you! But, don’t drink alone—add Danish.

    My favorite thought for the day: it is scriptural for the “man of the house” to make the coffee, He-brews! (Just kidding!)

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