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Technically they sang great

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By Robin Scott

    Second graders from Dalhart Elementary School performed on Tuesday evening, December 15th at the Dalhart Intermediate School Auditorium.  The performance entitled, “A Cowboy Christmas,” was a compilation of Christmas tunes and poems with a twist.

    The youngsters began with “Randolph the Bow Legged Cowboy,” followed by “Up on the Housetop,” and “Nuttin for Christmas.”  The children, clad in cowboy hats, white shirts, jeans and boots, and even one little boy with a pair of spurs, sang to a fully packed auditorium.

    Reciting poetry could potentially be difficult for anyone, but the children did a fantastic job reciting “The Christmas Star,” “Come and Trim our Christmas Tree,” and “Little Pine Tree,” all included some very adorable choreographed hand movements.

    Technical difficulties with the music accompaniment didn’t keep the young vocalists from doing their best. Jeana Hamilton, music director, threw caution to the wind and proceeded without the music, and the children followed along superbly.  One little guy in the front row, wearing a burgundy colored cowboy hat, got right into the spirit of the performance and danced his little heart out.  

    Twelve students moved to the front of the stage for a special version of, “The Twelve Days of Christmas,” that included cowboy hats, oil wells, bluebonnets, pecan trees and, “A Star of Texas!”  

    Tuesday’s performance ended with a request that the audience join in to sing, “Silent Night,” followed by a hearty, “Merry Christmas” from all of the second graders.  As the little cowpokes exited the stage, looking for mom and dad, “Happy Trails” provided the perfect background music.