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Warm gifts

Posted by: tdt -

By Robin Scott

    The Dalhart Volunteer Fire Department gave out new blankets to each resident of Coon Memorial Home in December.  The blankets were hand-delivered by Fire Chief Curtis Brown and several of the volunteer firefighters.

    Fire Chief Brown noted, “We got together with the people at ALCO and were able to order 80 blankets at a great price.  We couldn’t have done this without ALCO’s support.”  Residents at CMH were thrilled to receive the cozy throws that came in a variety of colors.

    Taking the time to visit the nursing home and speak with each gift recipient personally is one way that the Dalhart Fire Department gives back to the community.  Fire Chief Brown stated, “We want to do something to show how much we appreciate the support we receive from Dalhart, and we felt that this gift would be put to great use.”

    Several of the residents put their gift to use immediately.  The blankets, which are small enough to use while the residents are strolling through the hallways in their wheelchairs, were the perfect Christmas gift. 

    The second group of firefighters visited CMH on December 16th.  They not only handed out blankets to the last few remaining residents that were not available on December 6th when firefighters first went to the home, they stopped and talked with many of the residents who were awake and out of their rooms.  One man proudly showed a picture of himself dressed in Army greens from World War II, and the firefighters took the time to view the picture and allow the man to reminisce. 

    The holiday season often brings out the best in people, and the volunteer firefighters with the Dalhart Fire Department were no exception.  They are a visible presence within the community who demonstrates their care and concern for people of all ages and in all walks of life.  Their gifts were truly warming, to the heart as well as the body.