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Jotting Judi

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Christmas Is — A National Holiday

By Judi Wiegman

We just returned from a few days in the Dallas area and coming through Amarillo we heard it; clerks saying, “Happy Holidays,” or faintly whispering, “Merry Christmas,” when you say it first!

Come on!  Christmas is Christmas!!!  The Bible tells us so! We are not infringing on anyone’s rights by saying it.  

If the Bible is not a good enough source—Christmas Day is listed and recognized as a National Federal Holiday.  This is its description on the list of recognized and celebrated holidays in the United States of America:

“Christmas (Feast of the Nativity), December 25th; the most widely celebrated holiday of the Christian year.  Christmas is observed as the anniversary of the birth of Jesus. Christmas customs are centuries old…”

Seems plain enough to me; Christmas is the presence of Christ!   We may have managed to change His presence for giving presents to others, but Christmas remains; the celebration of His birth.  

It is time we as Christians stand up for what is right.  My best spokesman for Christmas is a Jewish friend living in the Dallas area.  Marshall pulls out his “soapbox” and loudly declares, “Hey, leave the Christians alone.  Christmas is their big religious celebration. Stop trying to change it!”  Gotta love a man who isn’t afraid to stand up for his friends!

For awhile I found myself responding to “Happy Holidays” by saying “Happy Holidays” back.  After all, I reasoned, they are just grouping the holidays all together; nothing wrong with that, right?  Wrong!  It is wrong!  Seems to me it might boil down to the money thing—you know; don’t offend anyone because it might mean a loss of revenue.  They might take their shopping elsewhere.  (I don’t want to shop where I can’t say Merry Christmas!)

Christmas is not up for debate!  The question of Christmas violating the separation of church and state has already been taken to court; Ganulin v. United States 1999—guess what?  They lost! And the decision was upheld by the Supreme Court on December 19, 2000.

You can’t take George Washington out of his nationally observed holiday, and you can’t take Christ out of Christmas!

Christmas!  The Birthday of A KING!  Celebrate Him!

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