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Jotting Judi

Posted by: tdt -

Getting a “jump” on a New Year’s Resolution

    Can you believe it?  2009 made its debut and “poof” it was gone.  Many of us made a New Year’s resolution and vowed that this time we would keep it—to the bitter end!  How did you do?  I must confess I made some attempts from time to time, but it really kicked in somewhere in October!  I’ve given that some thought over the past few days and the decision was obvious; keep on keeping on and I’ll have a jump start for 2010.

    My goal was simple; I wanted to “know Jesus more.”  I am amazed at how the enemy comes along and seeks to plunder and destroy.  Before the first month of 2009 was over, I found myself “shoulder deep” in the recovery process from an accident at 7th and Denrock.  As I prepared to leave the hospital right after surgery, I was cautioned not to do ANY housework for a year, and not to lift anything heavier than a milk carton.  “Yeah, right,” I responded.  Trouble was I couldn’t! The recovery process was long and tedious.  My amazing husband, family and friends managed to put up with me when I indulged in pity parties, and the usual round of what-did-I-do-to-deserve-this attitude. Little by precious little I began to regain the use of my arm. I rejoiced on the day when I could scoop up Kaylor or Hudson with minimal pain!  

    Looking back, I can see it was the perfect opportunity to “know Jesus more!”  I blew it!  

    Then, October rolled around and I attended an incredible conference on prayer in the Ft. Worth area!!! It was three days of intense “learning to cry out to God” closeness.  I shall never be the same.  Along with this event, I dug into God’s Word aided by two books; Crazy Love, by Francis Chan and The Power of Crying Out, by Bill Gothard.

    Before this, I really never gave much thought to whether God was interested in me plodding through the day, picking and choosing activities. Guess what! He really cares. In His Word it says His thoughts are turned toward us several times a day.  The God of the universe carries governments upon His shoulders, has critical matters vying for His time and still has time for me.  

    Didn’t do so well with that resolution in 2009?  Good thing there is a new year dawning!  Try again.  Practice makes perfect.