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Kids in Dalhart have a new way to exercise

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By Robin Scott

    Thanks to Cargill Cares and the never-ending ingenuity of Coach Bridgett Nicholson and Coach Tisha Scott, students at Dalhart Elementary School and Dalhart Intermediate School have a great new and exciting way to exercise, and they’ll believe they’re just having fun.  An estimated 800 students will be impacted by GeoMotion Fitness Mats, and may never feel the same way about physical education again.

    Nicholson and Scott made a request to Cargill Cares for a grant that would cover the cost to purchase 60 GeoMotion Fitness Mats, along with instructional DVD’s and activity cards for their P.E. classes.   GeoFitness is designed to offer each person success with fitness activities.  Nicholson noted, “Variety and choice is important to keep individuals motivated and having fun.”  The GeoFitness programs are easy to use, and cost effective to increase fitness and academic achievement for students of all ages.

    The program includes choreography and games, hip-hop, partner and Latin dancing, aerobics, kickboxing, fitness relays, and sport specific activities.  The mats are set up in a grid much like the keypad of a telephone, with numbers and letters.  They allow students to practice number and letter recognition, along with spelling, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, and much, much more all while getting physically fit. 

    All of the students in a class may be involved at the same time in a highly motivating activity that encourages crossing the mid-line, which increases motor skills and cognitive function.  Nicholson stated, “We will also be using these mats at the DES and DIS Annual P.E. Programs in the Spring.”

    Cargill Cares provided the funds necessary for the purchase of the GeoFitness Mat program, and the mats were recently delivered to Dalhart Intermediate School.  Students were excited to hear about the new way to get fit and anxious to try the mats out.  On Tuesday, November 17, Jesse Lujan, Daniel Ruiz, Savanna Watson, Rumer Howell, Isaac Tankersley and Jimmy Ray Resendez had an opportunity to visit with representatives from Cargill Cares, who also got to see what the mats look like for the first time.  Ted Hoover, Bill Kolath and Fela Castaneda visited the school and those students, and looked through the activity cards that show each child or group of two children how to use the mat.  Parents will get the opportunity to see their children in motion this Spring when the mats are incorporated into the P.E. program.

    Parents and students are encouraged to visit for more information.

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