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2009 corn harvest completed quickly despite slow start

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By Bailey Naugle

    Maturity of the Dalhart area’s corn crop was delayed by late season rains and cool weather in the late summer, pushing harvest back from mid-September to early October. Once the 2009 harvest was well underway, it moved quickly and with good overall results.

    Marc Welch, owner of Welch Grain Company in Dalhart, explained, “A lot got started late because the corn wouldn’t dry down, but once they got in the field and got going, it went pretty quickly.”

    Welch said his facilities received their last load of corn on November 21st compared to November 16th in 2008.

    Hit or miss rains during the growing season may be to blame for the wide range of yields that were harvested this year. The cool, wet weather did not seem to compromise the quality of the corn, and the 2009 corn season has been described as good overall.