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Choice for protecting our town and people

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By Nathan French

    Margaret Mead, an acclaimed cultural anthropologist, once stated, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”  Our Community Choice Awards pays tribute to some of those committed citizens, who strive to change both our community and the world for the better.  Your votes pay homage to the best of the best; the unwavering Law Enforcement Officer, the dedicated EMT, and the courageous Fireman.

Favorite Law Enforcement Officer
    Paul Rowell was voted as the Community Choice Favorite Law Enforcement Officer.  Paul’s long running career in law enforcement has been devoted to the protection of citizens both in Alabama, Houston, and Dalhart. Upon retirement in Houston, Paul and his wife, Robin, relocated to Dalhart where Paul became a police officer with the Dalhart Police Department and most recently a Sheriff’s Deputy with Dallam County.  Paul  takes his job very seriously, but if you know Paul, you also discover that he has quite a sense of humor.  His wife, a reporter for the Texan, often recounts various comical quotes that Paul is known for.  I found one of them very fitting for this occasion; “Unless you’re the lead dog, the view is always the same.”  Congratulations Paul on being Dalhart’s favorite lead dog. Your commitment to our community, fervor for protecting our citizens, and long hours dedicated to making Dalhart safer make this award truly fitting.  




Favorite Fireman
    Curtis Brown was selected as the Community Choice Favorite Fireman. Dalhart Volunteer Fire Department has been responding to emergencies since 1901, and in its service has provided excellent safety for our community.  Curtis is one such fireman; dedicated both to safety and excellence. Curtis is the Dalhart Fire Department’s Fire Chief, and has been part of the fire department since 1994. Curtis truly loves everything related with the fire department; even his personal cell phone’s ring tone is a fire engine’s siren.  With a sizeable firefighter force of 36, Curtis remains ever dedicated to his firemen, his community, and his passion of firefighting.  Congratulations Curtis on being Community Choice Fireman; an award well deserved.

Favorite EMTs

    Scot Leatherwood and Josie Lysford were both voted as Community Choice Favorite EMT.  Emergency Medical Technicians are responsible for responding to medical emergencies; and people’s lives often depend on the quick reaction and competent care of EMTs.  Both Scot and Josie take on that responsibility with great diligence.  Because of their quick responses and medical knowledge, numerous lives have been saved.  Scot and Josie both have true dedication to their field.  Scot has been an EMT for Dalhart for the past 10 years, serves as the Director of EMS for Dalhart and is a reserve officer for Hartley County.  Josie is no longer an EMT in Dalhart, but still serves the Stratford area as an EMT.  She also is an LVN at the Clayton Hospital, and remains active as a volunteer firefighter for the Dalhart Fire Department.  Critical decisions, life saving methods, caring hearts, and perseverance make Scot and Josie ideal recipients. Congratulations on a well deserved honor.  


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