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A benevolent spirit

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By Robin Scott

    The willingness of people who selflessly take time out of their own busy schedules to help others is an immeasurable benefit to society as a whole.  An estimated 61.8 million people volunteer approximately 50 hours per year within the United States, totaling a staggering 309 million volunteer hours annually.   The reasons that motivate people to give up their weekends, after work hours or even retirement time vary, but one common thread seems to bond volunteers.  They have a strong benevolent spirit.

    Doing good for the benefit of others without any expectation of reward is not a quality possessed by everyone, but the Dalhart area has many, many people who do good deeds for others joyfully.  The benevolent spirit is obvious in every direction turned.  Churches stock the food pantry through the gratuity of members, organizations raise money for everything from dictionaries for third graders to providing money to a family in need and others give of their personal talents for endeavors such as remodeling a house for a family that had so much of the benevolent spirit that they opened their home to children with special needs.  

    The first ever Community Choice Awards received votes for many volunteers from the Dalhart area.  Two husband and wife teams tied for this year’s honor, each receiving an equal number of votes.  When their names were first mentioned because they had tied, comments such as, “Oh yes, they are both wonderful couples,” and “They are gracious volunteers,” resonated through the Dalhart Texan. Bobby and Willie Ruth Gordon and Chester and Wilma Rose, all residents of Dalhart, share the honor of favorite volunteer for 2009.

    The Rose’s work tirelessly for Coon Memorial Nursing Home, and it is said that, “They are always out there on Tuesdays.”  They are involved in the Meals on Wheels program also.  They are described as being very dedicated to the elderly people in their church.  They attend First Baptist Church in Dalhart.  They often run errands for the elderly members of the church, including making trips to the grocery story or whatever other errands need to get done.   They are also described as, “A very nice couple who give a lot of their time, and they do it very graciously and without flamboyance.”

    The Gordon’s have made an equally indelible impression on area residents.  It is said that Willie Ruth is so organized that she is the driving force behind so many things.  Like the Rose’s, the Gordon’s also give many hours of their time to the residents at Coon Memorial Nursing Home.  Willie Ruth coordinates the Sunday services and the different pastors that preach to the residents.  She works closely with the activities director and makes sure the pastors all have what they need on Sundays.    The Gordon’s also attend First Baptist Church and they have a passion for helping the widows and the elderly.  They are said to “just help so much in the organization with all of the stuff, and going out to the nursing home and keeping volunteers coming and thriving.”  The Sunday service at the home is never cancelled due to Willie Ruth’s dedication to keeping pastors ready, willing and able to make it out to the home.  She also makes sure that the residents are there and get their Bibles.

    Both couples have a way about them that excites and motivates others to help others.  Their love and concern for the elderly is worth honoring and they all deserve the recognition of their community. They are gracious and humble, they volunteer because they feel a calling to do so, and their benevolent spirit is contagious and something that others should strive to mimic.  Thank you to Chester and Wilma Rose and to Bobby and Willie Ruth Gordon for putting others before yourselves so that no need may go unmet. 

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