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Jotting Judi

Posted by: tdt -


    Hours of meal planning, organizing recipes, shopping for ingredients, the arrival of  guests, table settings, laughter, football and late night turkey sandwiches; these are a few of my favorite things!  Now, they are once again tucked away in the memory bank and some day will be relived when we hear “remember that Thanksgiving when…”

    The Bible is full of many different types of feasts.  These are a few of my favorites:

1.    The feast where a woman cried for seven days straight. (Judges 14:17)

2.    The feast where only ladies came. (Esther 1:9)

3.    The feast where the host seated the men by their age; much to their surprise!  (Gen 43:33)

4.    The feast where riddles were told. (Judges 14:12)

5.    The feast/birthday party complete with a hanging!  (Genesis 40:20-22)

    Preparations are underway for a future, magnificent feast; the wedding supper of the Lamb.  The menu is planned; rich foods, the best of meats and the finest wine. (Isaiah 25:6-7)  The guest list is being made; including people from the north, south, east and west.  There will be people from every race and every nation.  Those invited to the feast will eat, laugh and rejoice for all eternity! For some, there will be tears; for the invitation was extended and they turned it down, choosing to enjoy sin for a season!  

    As sure as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, that feast day is approaching.  We wait; we long for that day.  Is your place at the table secure? 

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