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Coveted Wolf given to true victor

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By Nathan French

    Champion is defined as one that is clearly superior or has the attributes of a winner.  This year’s Fearless Foursome has come to an end and a champion has been named.  While each of the foursome did very well, a victor rose above and has claimed the prize of the Golden Wolf.  Paige Davis left the competitors in the dust; as her speculations proved the she was the true champ. 

    There are always different kinds of champions; ones who humbly accept the award, others beam with pride over their victory; and there are even a few who bask in their greatness with great disdain to the losers.  Mrs. Davis was the epitome of the perfect victor, accepting the Golden Wolf while remaining ever polite and gracious. Paige stated, “I attribute my success to good luck, my accounting class, and that I never wavered in my loyalty to Texas Tech.”  Paige prevailed over a strong group of competitors.  However, I must admit that not all of the Fearless Foursome have been educated on the proper etiquette of accepting defeat.

    Dynamite Dean refuses to accept losing.  He was caught ogling the Golden Wolf before it was presented to Mrs. Davis, and had not the wolf been carefully guarded, we might say that Dynamite Dean and the wolf would be somewhere between here and Mexico by now.  Dean has even been caught spray painting his own dog gold in order to make some sort of copy of the coveted Golden Wolf.  I have also heard of a plot between Jack in the Box and Hot Rod Rodney about stealing the coveted golden wolf from its true deserving owner.  I do vaguely recall seeing Rodney and Jack together and now find it strange that they were both wearing masks and all black clothing.  Around that time, I also recall receiving a call from Mrs. Davis and thinking it strange how gruff her voice was and that her request to deliver the wolf to Anspacher Financial Services was somewhat peculiar.  I believe Rodney’s loss has hit him heavy due to the fact that he is all things sports, from game announcer to avid fan; and in the end of the fearless foursome he is still the loser.  

    Irregardless, the true victor has been named, and the Golden Wolf is safely in her hands.  One can only suppose that after winning an award like this that many things will change.  Celebrity status, adoring fans, and glorious applause can all be expected once you have received a Golden Wolf. The Wolf is done in gold as both a symbol of victory and exclusivity; something that is treasured by all recipients.  While I would like to ramble on further about just how great the Golden Wolf is and about how amazing this year’s victor is, I find that I must cut this short as Jack Vanderburg a.k.a “Jack in the Box” has just appeared in my office. He appears to have commandeered someone’s Chihuahua and is welding a can of gold spray-paint, which assures this can’t be good.

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