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Say the words

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By Robin Scott

    The Thanksgiving holiday offers many different opportunities.  A day off from work, turkey dinners with scrumptious side dishes, an afternoon of football, and time spent with family and friends.  Another opportunity is the chance to reflect on things to be thankful for, but more importantly, the chance to tell loved ones what those things are and let them hear the words, “thank you.”

    Fans of the Dalhart Texan’s Facebook page offered to share some of the things that they are thankful for this Thanksgiving.  In reading what they are grateful for, one may take a few extra moments to not only consider their own list of what makes them feel thankful, but to take a moment of additional time to let others know and to say, “Thank you, I appreciate you and I’m grateful for you.”

    Tracy Abla Griffin stated, “I am thankful for my mom. She loves her family and we sometimes take that for granted.  Jane Wilkinson, you’re the best. Thanks for loving us and never giving up on your kids. I love you mom.”

    Heather Selhost stated, “I’m thankful for having a great family and friends, and for the Nazerene Church for all of the support they have given my family and me with all we have been through.  I thank the city for having the program for Christmas because if it wasn’t for them, my kids wouldn’t have a Christmas.”

    Michelle Pearce stated, “I am thankful for a loving God who has put so many wonderful people in my life. My children have such an extended family within this community which extends to other surrounding towns.  They will always know the true meaning of being thankful for what they have because they are loved.  My family is also thankful that my son is now in remission showing the strength that children have.”

    Pasha Porter Ritter stated, “I am thankful that I have a husband and wonderful daughters. Even when I have to get onto them, I am thankful because I know they are here with me and not out getting into trouble.  I am thankful for the many wonderful friends that I have that are always there to pick me up when I stumble.  I am thankful that we live in a country with freedom.  And the most important of all is that I am so thankful that we have a loving and forgiving God to lead us in the direction that we should be going.”

    Jeri Tuxen Robertson stated, “I am actually thankful for something that didn’t happen. You see, on November 5th, my husband, Sergeant Chad Robertson of the U.S. Army, based at Fort Hood, had to leave his office and make two trips to two different buildings on base.  One trip was to the base Education Center and the other was to the Soldier Readiness Facility.   After his first stop he was walking to his truck when he heard the blaring sirens and base police cars speeding by.  The Soldier Readiness Center was only 240 yards away, where Major Nidal Malik Hasan was in the process of shooting and killing innocent people.  My husband saw people driving in pick up trucks with injured people in the back.  He would have been in that building had he gone there first and not the Education Center.  He said it was mass chaos.  It was only by God’s hand that made my husband go to the Education Center first instead of the Soldier Readiness Center.  That night when he came home and I saw him pull into the driveway, I ran outside and hugged him, then I cried.  I am thankful that my wonderful loving husband didn’t go into that building, and I am thankful that I have him alive today.  I thank God for that.  God bless our Fort Hood Soldiers.”

    When people are asked about what they are thankful for, they rarely name such things as “my car,” “my vacation home,” or “my great skills on my gaming system.”  What they do state are those relationships in their lives that sustain them and bring them happiness.  When all is said and done, it’s the relationships people share with one another that they are thankful for and what they cherish.  The Thanksgiving holiday provides an opportunity that should not be missed, so make certain that loved ones hear the words, “I am grateful for you.”