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Wild animals sing in Dalhart

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By Robin Scott

    Fourth grade students from Dalhart Intermediate School, under the direction of music teacher Lacey Murga, performed at the DHS Auditorium on Thursday evening, November 19th.  The performance began at 6:30 p.m. to a packed house of parents, grandparents, family and friends.

    This year’s theme for the music performance was “It’s a Jungle Out There, a Musical Play for Young Voices,” written by Mary Donnelly and George L. O. Strid.  After a brief introduction by DIS Principal which included recognition that this year’s fourth grade class is extremely energetic, the program got underway.

    Several students dressed as wild animals to tell the story of a zebra and a leopard helping a lion search for happiness.  The cast of characters included Leo the lion, played by Kenton Bradford, Spots the leopard, played by Erin Nutter and Kali Dennis, who portrayed Stripes the zebra.  Other cast members included the Cheetahs, played by Isiah Hood, Travis Schumacher and Kody Monroe; the Monkeys, played by Faith Beller, Emily Thelander and Arthur Montoya; the Hyenas, played by Gracie King, Ruben Chaparro and Kayla Torres; the Elephants, played by Anzleigh Swecker, Bradley Hightower and Marco Hernandez; and the chorus included, Lyndsey Dovel, Ary Ortiz, Kylie Richardson, Savannah Watson, Jessica Wilkinson and Tavi Austin.  

    The remainder of the fourth grade class dressed in bright green, yellow, purple, pink, blue and orange t-shirts.  Musical numbers included “It’s a Jungle Out There,” “The King of the Jungle,” “Party Animals,” “Goin’ Bananas,” “Everything is Funny to Me,” “Good Friends,” and “It’s a Jungle Out There,” again for the finale.

    The Auditorium at DHS is fast becoming a hot spot for entertainment in Dalhart.  In it’s second year, the Auditorium has hosted band concerts, the Kindergarten graduation and music performance, the Air Force Academy ensemble band Wild Blue Country, and even weekly church services along with the fourth grade musical.  The vast stage has plenty of room for musicians, singers and as of Thursday evening, a wild animal or two.