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Third-graders given thousands of words

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By Robin Scott

    Each year, the Dalhart Rotary Club provides every third grade student in Dalhart with a brand new dictionary.  Rotary Club members visit Dalhart Elementary School, Dalhart Christian Academy and St. Anthony’s School to hand deliver the dictionaries to each student.  

    On Thursday, November 12th, DISD Superintendent David Foote joined in the fun and excitement of handing out the books to students at Dalhart Elementary School.  Foote stated, “This is one of the events we look forward to the most each year.”  He lifted a dictionary to show that it’s not a simple paperback, but a text book, filled with thousands of words in a third-grader friendly format, with colorful pictures and large text.  “These are such beautiful book, and the children will probably keep these for the rest of their time in school, and beyond.”

    The Rotary Club members that helped in the delivery of the books met each child as they hand wrote each child’s name in the front of their dictionary, and congratulated them as they received their own personal book.  The teachers in all of the classrooms were just as excited as the students.  Several set aside time for the students to pour over their new dictionaries as a classroom assignment.  

    Approximately 180 dictionaries were given to area third-graders this year.  In October, the Rotary Club held its annual Road Kill and Rolaids Cook Off fundraiser at the Elks Lodge.  Kristine Olsen explained, “We raised more than enough money to pay for our dictionaries this year, and the rest will go into the bicycle and safety awareness event next spring.”  The Rotary Club has supplied every third-grader in the area with a brand new dictionary for three years.  Olsen stated, “This is one of our biggest service projects.”

    For more information about the Rotary Club or its service projects, call 244-5121.