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Pink scooter soon to scoot through town

Posted by: tdt -

By Robin Scott

    The United Supermarket’s raffle in support of Breast Cancer Awareness month was drawn on November 1st and one very excited Dalhart resident was the lucky recipient.  Patrons of United had the opportunity to fill out raffle tickets throughout the month of October and also to get a close up look at the scooter, which was on display at the market as well.

    Opal Palmer found out that she had won the scooter on Sunday, and then picked up her prize on Tuesday, November 3rd.  She stated, “I was so shocked when I saw the telephone number for United pop up on my caller I.D. and I didn’t even think about it being because of the scooter.”  When Palmer answered the call, she discovered that her name was selected in the drawing.  

    The “Motor through Pinktober” awareness promotion by United Supermarkets, Market Street and Amigos United and their grocery partners, lasted throughout October and was designed to create awareness about the fight against breast cancer. United invited its guests to help raise money for breast cancer research by purchasing specially marked products throughout the store from grocery partners that agreed to donate a percentage of the proceeds to support breast cancer research and awareness.

    United stores also offered stylish Pinktober reusable bags for sale with a percentage of the proceeds going to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure and other organizations to find the cures for breast cancer.  The give-a-way of a Retro Lance® Moped Scooter at each United location was a part of the promotion.  The chance to win was courtesy of United, P&G and Coca-Cola.

    The scooter’s new home is in a bedroom at Palmer’s house for now, and she noted, “I’m planning to use it, but I want to make sure it’s all legal first.  My husband and I put it in a bedroom for now.”  Palmer’s nephew, Dale, was the first to ride the scooter, albeit while it was sitting inside the bed of a pick up truck tethered down on its way to the Palmer house.  The battery needed charging, so no one was able to ride it away from the store, but that’s a minor glitch in the otherwise thrilling event.  

    Palmer commented, “I’m going to get a pink helmet to go with it, and I plan to ride it to work and back!”  She’s employed by Harold and Carla Meyer, owners of the Depot and B&B Liquor, and the prospect of taking her new pink ride to work is truly exciting for Palmer.   Palmer and her husband, Jerry, are taking great care of the new scooter as it sits inside their home, but they have great hopes that it will be scootering around the streets of Dalhart soon.  Be sure to give a traditional Dalhart wave when passing by the bright pink scooter!