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Eleven Constitutional Amendments approved in election

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By Robin Scott

    With only an estimated 5 percent of all registered voters making it to the polls on November 3rd and during early voting, all eleven propositions on the Constitutional Amendment ballot were approved.  

    The propositons on Tuesday’s ballot are now Constitional Amendments and include:

    Proposition 1, which authorizes financing methods for municipalities and counties to acquire buffer zones or open spaces next to military bases.

    Proposition 2, which allows the Legislature to provide for ad valorem taxation of a residence homestead solely on the basis of the property’s value as a residence and not at the potentially higher commercial use value.

    Proposition 3 requires uniform standards and procedures for property appraisal for taxation purposes.  

    Proposition 4 establishes a national research university fund to help emerging research universities achieve national prominence as major research universities.  

    Proposition 5 permits the Texas Legislature to allow a single board of equalization for two or more adjoining appraisal entities.

    Proposition 6 eliminates the requirement of the Veterans’ Land Board to seek legislative approval to issue general obligation bonds when the bonds are equal in amount or less than those previously authorized.  

    Proposition 7 allows an officer or enlisted member of the Texas State Guard or other state militia or military force to hold other civil offices.

    Proposition 8 authorizes the state to contribute money, property and other resources to establish Veterans hospitals.  

    Proposition 9 protects the right of the public to access and/or use public coastal beaches in Texas.  

    Proposition 10 provides for term limits of four years for governing boards of emergency services districts.

    Proposition 11 prohibits government from taking private property for private economic development in order to increase tax revenue.  

    Dallam County voters approved of all propositions except for 1, 4 and 5, with nearly 8 percent of all voters within the county voting.  Hartley County voters approved all eleven Constitutional Amendments with nearly 13 percent of all voters within the county voting.  The results of the election bring the total number of amendments to the Texas Constitution to 478.  The U.S. Constitution has only been amended 27 times and the lack of frequency of the passage of an amendment inhibits the process, but in Texas amendments are viewed as a matter of procedure. 

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