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Pink Ladies honored at banquet

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By Robin Scott

The activities department of Coon Memorial Nursing Home honored the volunteers that assist at the home at a banquet held on Monday, April 20th.  The lunchtime banquet was set in a beautifully decorated room and the eloquent meal was befitting the volunteers known as the Pink Ladies.  

    Stevie Brewer, Nancy Phillips, Andrew Sater and Larae Scott prepared the invitations for Monday’s banquet and also decorated the room.  The meal was prepared by Cindy Smith.  Assistance for the successful event was also provided by Social Worker Brandi Miller and Administrator Sue Longenberg.  Ms. Brewer commented, “We were happy to do this for these ladies, they do so much for us.”

    The banquet held annually, honors the efforts of the volunteers.  This year’s celebration saw many of the ladies receiving awards for milestones in their volunteering careers.  Wilma Rose received a pin for 25 years of service.  Very few people can state that they have been dedicated to a cause for so many years.  Mrs. Rose’s efforts are greatly appreciated by the employees of the home, the other volunteers and of course the residents.  

    Other awards included Jo Holmes, who received her 10-year pin, Ida May Amyx, who received her 1,000-hour pin and Novella Bryan who received her 150-hour pin.  Sallye Files, Janette Goodwin and Jeanette Reilman each received their 50-hour patches.  When Mrs. Goodwin’s name was announced, she happily stated, “I’ve always wanted to receive a patch! I was never even in the Girl Scouts, so I finally have my patch!”  

    Mrs. Brewer announced that the total volunteer hours for the year was 1,578.75.  The luncheon, awards and gifts that were given to each of the Pink Ladies is one way that the Nursing Home thanks all of the hard work and selfless hours the ladies provide assisting at the home.