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Jotting Judi

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Just One Flyer

    Sometimes we despair and think our tiny contribution is not worth the effort, so we shrug off the opportunity and miss the blessing that would have come.

    While serving as Pastor in Hurst, TX, our children’s department planned an overnight lock in as a “back to school” kick off.  We got our teens involved by going throughout the neighborhood placing flyers on doors inviting grade school children to come join the group of children from our church.  Only one parent called the church to enroll their son for the event.  They came to the church, checked us out and left him in our care.  He had a wonderful time!

    When they returned the next morning to pick him up, they indicated they did not have a church home and would be interested in “trying us out.”  The wife, who had never attended church before, was quite apprehensive, but came along.  They came for two weeks and did not return.  A phone call came to my office indicating that trouble was brewing in the marriage and they needed counseling.  We assigned them to a couple on our staff trained in marriage restoration; the marriage was saved!  They began to come to church faithfully, the wife accepted Christ as her Savior, a young adult son turned from his “alternate lifestyle,” a sister accepted Christ, and other family members returned to church after seeing the change in the couple’s lives. The younger son accepted Christ as his Savior at summer camp and was baptized. Today they are strong, faithful Christians serving God in a place of leadership in their local church.

    One flyer!  One telephone call, an overdue visit to a neighbor, a listening ear, a card, an arm around the shoulder of a hurting person; who can say what far reaching effects might be achieved by just one…

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